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Audio Technica ATHCK7?

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Recently I've been looking at buying these. They are only ~$75 and got very good reviews on Amazon, but I can't seem to find anything on them. They would be replacing my default Apple earbuds. I'm primarily looking at either these or the typical RE0, but I've heard the RE0 has some microphonic/build quality issues, and these look much sturdier.

Anyway, does anyone have these? Should I buy these for casual listening? How do they compare to the RE0?

I really only want to buy one pair of headphones to last me quite a while (I'm in high school, I have no job, so I really can't afford to spend much on headphones).

Also, will it make a huge difference in sound quality if I use mp3 files I just download from Amazon? (I assume these are 128kbps) I already have a lot of music that I don't want to buy CDs of again just to get them to a higher quality.

I listen to many different types of rock and metal.


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I've had the ATH-CK7s and used them with the Cowon D2 (w/ D2+ firmware).  I've also had the chance to listen to a friend's 4G Ipod w/ LOD and FiioE5 (bass boost on) and there was a very pleasant synergy.


I recently asked the question here:


In my personal experiences, I found that they were a bit too bass-lite with my portable setup than I would like, so I'm currently looking at the RE-Zeros.  My hopes are that IEM technology has progressed sometime in that past 8 years (the CK7s have been out for a while now)


As far as sound quality goes, the more revealing your headphones/canalphones, the bigger the difference.  If you were listening attentively, the difference between 128 kbps would be noticeable, but very slight.  Anything lower than that would sound pretty distorted/degraded.


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I have the CK7s and I like them alot.Infact they make me want the CK10 or CK100now since they are so clear.  Good highs and pretty good bass, midrange is overwhelmed by them though. Not a flat signature IMO.  I'm comparing them to my ER4s, MC5, and Coppers if that helps.  I don't have the RE0, but from what I've read, the RE0 haveasimilar sounds as the ER4s. The build quality on the CK7 is very good as opposed to what I've read here on the RE0s (there are a few threads on here addressing that issue). I like the CK7s allot, but find they are a bit fatiguing for long periods of listening.  Hope this helps.

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^^ from what i read, the ck7 is nothing like the ck10 or 100.

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