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SRH 750Dj or Ultrasone HFI 780

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What sounds best??? I want to experience using circumaural headphones.

I will primarily be using the headphones with my iPhone. I don't really know what's good, and I cant really test headphones here. The best around ear headphones I have used were the Bose QC 2s. That was my first time using around ear headphones, now I want a bit more. I did more research recently, and now, I know what I need. I need portable headphones, durable and can last for about 2-3 years. I listen to hip hop, rap, rnb, club, the occasional Michael Jackson, and Boys II Men. They need to have bass, but I don't know how much, because Bose never really had bass.  Now I'm having trouble on picking which one to get.

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I'm rocking my ATH-M50s at the office right now as I type this.  Listening to some old school EPMD.  While I can't compare them to the other models you mentioned, I will say that the M50s are a sure bet, especially for the genre of music you specified.  Bass is nice and tight. Punchy, but not overdone.  It satisfies my low end fix just fine.  Mine have been burned in for a while (and probably still undergoing the process as they seem to just keep getting better the more I listen to them).  Although I can't say how they stack up against the models you mentioned specifically, I can honestly say that I think you'll be satisfied with the M50s if you decide to go that route. 

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I think the M50's would be my best bet right now then. Would the SRH's be an upgrade from the M50's or should I stick with them? I like the Audio Technica's now that you gave me some things to expect about it.

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Would the M50s be better than 750s, for bands like Linkin Park, and some old school rap and hip hop?

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I have the 750DJs and I don't use them much because the amount of bass is overdone. It really drowns out the other details in the music.


I don't like headphones that have weak bass, but the 750DJ are over the top IMO.


I think the M50 or the SRH-840 have the right amount of bass to enjoy any bassy music (HH, dance, trance, electronic) 

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Really? I can't try them myself, and I wonder if it would be too much for me. Thanks for your opinion. I need people with the Ultrasones to tell me their experiences too,

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