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earphones for working out that are sweat proof?

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I have had a heck of a time finding good quality earbuds for working out that are sweatproof.  I had some sennheiser a while back but didn't like the asymmetrical headphone cord.  Any ideas on what I can get for around $50 max?  Sound isn't a huge issue, as long as they are better than the apple earbuds that I'm fine. 



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meelec m6 is a good possibility.   they're over ear, which really cuts down microphonics(cable noise), good for working out.   as for sweat proof, they survived a hot summer under my full face bmx helmet, i'd say they pass the test.


saw this in another thread:


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The M6P are todays Daily Deal at Meelec for 15.99, just picked up 2 pair.

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are you referring to this model:




they look pretty good.  Doesn't say it is sweatproof though.  I just want to know why they were discount to $20 on amazon from being $50?  I might just have to get these.  Never have had over the ear buds before, so a little skeptical on how they will feel.

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They've been having a bunch of sales lately, in fact I think they were even cheaper yesterday on meelec's main site with their daily sales.  I would also recommend the m6, they're awesome headphones for $20.  The only thing I don't like is how they changed the nozzle design to a straight tube, I feel like they should have used the notched tube nozzles found on 90% of all iem's and also on the rest of their models.  The included eartips don't suit me that well although I ended up getting a good seal with the biflanges.  I'd prefer using tips from my other earphones though.

It doesn't say sweatproof but they really aren't going to break from a little sweat.  Over the ear takes a bit of getting used to but are actually very nice.  The m6's are very comfortable for me and are actually the only iem's I can use while lying down sideways on a pillow.

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I think Sennheiser has several models just for sports.

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H2O audio surge. 100% sweatproof and they actually sound pretty good. There's also a new sweatproof H2O model that retails for $30 (Flex I think) but I haven't heard it.

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Try these:


Jaybirds Endorphin Rush



$49.99 at J&R (temporarily out of stock at the moment but hopefully more will be in soon).


  They come with LIFETIME guarantee against sweat! They are my preferred earphones for running and I am really impressed

with them! Decided to take a chance and they are pretty much perfect for working out.

   I also have the M6s, and I MUCH prefer the Jaybirds. Better fit and similar, but better sound.


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