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Good IEMs for under $200

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Hello, I am new to the site so sorry for my limited vocabulary.


I am looking for some nice IEMs for under $200, but the price is semi-flexible. This seems like the best site for advice on this, so could you guys please recommend some good IEMs for me? heres some stuff about what I listen to.


I listen to: 

- 50% Hip-Hop/Rap (Lil-Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Jay-Z, Eminem, etc...)

- 30% Techno/Trance/House (Tiesto, Corsten....) 

- 20% Punk Rock/ Alternative (Blink 182, Sum 41)


Bass is very important for me, I love bass! However, it cannot be so massive that I can't understand the lyrics of a song. Hip Hop is all about beats and lyrics, and I want both to be heard very clearly.


I only use an Ipod Touch.


Also, It'd be great if the earphones looked nice :)

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Check Radius DDM.  There are reviews on the headfi so you can read about its pros and cons.

But as far as price and your listening preferences it could be an option.

This are my absolute favorite phones among dynamic drivers.


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want big bass?  but still clear sound?  and look nice too???


you are describing the Munitios!


google some of the initial impressions / reviews online.  I have these and the bass is smooth but powerful and the highs are still crisp and detailed.  And of course they look bad-ass!  I doubt you'll be disappointed....

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IE7, FX500, MTPG, Radius DDM, Custom 3 and HJE900........

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