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Best choice for a 250-300$ closed can?

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Greetings there,


A 'round a week ago i posted a thread in here, after reading reviews for not more cans that you can count on one hand, but it wouldn't take long for me to realize that there are many more headphones out there than I just thought. But since then I've read almost everything on this forum, and really 'done my homework'. But apparently still haven't found 'my' cans.

Back then I was considering a can for 'round 150$, but after reading one spell-bounding review after another, I realized that I'll have to take a step up on my budget plan. So now I'm planning to spend 2-300$ on my future headphones.


My 'dream-cans' look like this:

Budget: 2-300$

Amped: No, I'll play it unamped from my iPod classic or my laptop.

Sound: I would like a 'fun' sound, not neutral enough to make it boring to listen to for hours. I would like to be able to 'fly away' into the sound. A spell-binding sound. I also prefer decent mids, that makes me really feel the details of the vocalist. Also the bass matters for me, as I am a bassplayer myself. It don't necessarily have to be very loud, I would just like it to be really clean and tight.
Soundstage: I would prefer a soundstage as huge as possible. I like to feel like I'm really there. I've even heard some cans who made me feel that i was like 'in' the music, if that makes any sense to you.

Portable: I will both use them on 'the run' and at home, so isolation matters alot. But the size of the cans don't really bother me, as I actually really like the look of big badass cans, and as I'm always carrying a bag, so it won't be any problem carrying them while not listening.

Genres: The cans will be used for mostly jazz(both soft and bop), funk and bigband, blues and trip-hop, but I also listen to electronica, house, hip hop and world.


Did i forget anything? Ask if you wan't a more specific 'wishing list'.


As far as now I've considered the:
AKG 271, SHURE 840, SHURE 750DJ and M50's


I would be grateful if you could help me,

Thanks on advance!

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akg 701 and senn 650 are both open.


denon d2000s come to mind for that price range + closed.

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Sorry, I see that now. Thanks for reminding :P

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Anyone who could help me out?

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I've been looking for basically the same thing.   My short list includes the Denon D2000, Beyerdynamic DT770 (32 ohm), and the Ultrasone HFI 780.  I have Audio Technica ATH A900s now, but I think they stopped making them.  If the A700 are anything like them, they are great.  I can't see how headphones could get any more comfortable than them.

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So, until now, what do you think you are going for, and why? I would like some reasons to deal with :)

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Based purley on reviews (I haven't heard any of them), I'm leaning toward the D2000.  I really want to try a set of Ultrasones, but I've heard some people say that they can be slightly uncomfortable after a while.  I've on;y ever heard good things about the Denons.

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+1 to denons

i was steered towards them and for hte most part ive only heard good things about them

someone on hardforum described them as the"sleepless in seatle" version of expensive cans 

(which i found quite amusing) but he was quickly contradicted by quite a few people

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Tried the Denon's at a friends house, loved them, so I'm gonna throw out a recommendation for them as well.

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The Denon's reportedly do not isolate well for closed cans (which also probably accounts for their decent soundstage).


The only one on your list I've listed to is the M50. The M50 would meet your requirements, although the soundstage is only average for closed headphones. It sounds great for what it costs. I suspect you'd have to go to the $400 price point to get significantly better sounding full size closed cans, although it might be worth considering the many $300-ish IEM's.

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another for the Denon's.  Have the 770's (660 version) and much prefer the Denon's (build quality is exceptional).  Have the Denon's amped with a FIIO 7 (very nice combo) but apparently they do not need much amping (haven't tried them unamped yet, just pulled them out of the box the other day).  Had been looking at the Ultrasone's but a recent thread on customer service has me a little leary (I think the customer service issue has been dealt with but I'm going to wait just a little longer to dive into Ultrsone's.


Have the AT 700's but haven't had a chance to really listen to them (still in the box) but maybe I'll pull them out tonight.


As far as comfort goes, I have a pair of MDR-CD1700 and they are very comfortable (far more so than the Denons') and I also have a pair of F1's (open) but the most comfortable headphone i've listened to so far, so if it is comfort you want maybe look for a pair of the CD1700's (I paid less than 200 for the CD1700 used).  Have a pair of SA5000's on the way as well (under 300 used) and they have the same basic design as the F1's so I'm expecting another very comfortable pair of Sony's (but they are open).


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