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B&O A8

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Okay I know there's lots of threads on these but they're realllly old... So thought I'd create a new one.


I had a listen to these today and was blown away by the clarity... It just sounded so smooth? like everything was right listened to john legend's songs through iphone 4 lossless at the B&O shop today... Are these that good?? or was I just experiencing a totally new sound sig ?


Also I had a listen at the $928 USD MP3 player they brought out hahaha my god is it over rated, the OWNER him self even said they are, 4gb display is about on par with 2nd gen nano, SQ well its really clear as in mids and highs but lows are pretty laid back I guess some1 who likes a neutral sound sig would love them but eh,  I also asked if it's better than my X series and he straight out told that the X-series should sound just as goo, thought must say it's a real classy looking device, comes with A8 earphones, leather case and some other bs =)


funny thing is on the back it's labelled "Samsung" should of taken pictures, I will if i go back there=)

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Not surprising as Samsung is the OEM for B&O's DAP. As for A8, it is OEM'ed by Foster Japan. It is pretty good, analytical sounding clip-on. Perhaps not the best for its price but it is a B&O, so you are paying both the sound and the design. I really like mine and I have had it for almost 10 years now.

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chinese praise the sound of Beosound 2 over Beosound 6, its make the price of beosound 2 become very expensive, sometimes i curious what the sound quality like

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I recently acquired a pair of white A8s. They are definitely very expensive at $160. But the fit is good, the sound is crystal. Plus the white is just sexy. 


I wrote the only review for the white ones on amazon. XD

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Here is something I did a while ago on my A8, some of you might be interested in trying as well.

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Great. Although I am pretty happy with how mine sound now, I shall try the mod sometime.

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I think they are great headphones. I had a real hard time trying to find some buds (ie not in ear or over the ear) that sound good, that was until i tried the A8's. Only thing is I am afraid of the very thin cable breaking, they could have made it a bit thicker. The 3.5mm jack already has a loose connection, so will have to replace that..

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Just gotten my A8 yesterday and learn the technique of how to fit them properly already i guess.


what do you guys think about using it for sports purposes ?

will it damage the earphone ?

is it sweat resistances ?

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it's a bad idea to use them for sports.


they deserve much better

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