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Ath-A900 How do i untangle/remove kink of cord and pads

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Hi I was wandering if anyone can help me with some cord issues i am having.  I have had my ath-a900 for a couple years but lately the cord has kinks in it and it keeps rolling up really bad.  Is there anything I can do to get the kinks out and stop it from rolling up?  Also is there a way to replace the cord? I tried laying stuff on top to flatten it out but the kinks wouldn't come out and it just rolled right back up.  Also on a side note is there a safe way to clean ear pads?  The pads are kinda cracked and peeled off i just saw http://www.audiocubes2.com/product/Audio-Technica_Replacement_Pads_for_ATH-A900,_700.html

is this what I would need if I wanted to replace the pads on my ath-a900 I have never heard of audicubes II before they same as audiocubes and reliable? I also saw some say they used ATH-A1000 to replace them are they better? do they fit?  Also how do you replace earpads/cords anyways.  Also does the kinking and rolling up hurt audio quality?  I'm not sure if replacing my earpads will make much difference they are atleast 3 years old though and i use them for like 8hrs straight a day.

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Do a little searching on the forums and you can find a wealth of knowledge on recabling headphones as well as material recommendations for recabling your headphones.  As for audiocubes II i know that many people have bought pads there for building Thunderpants.  




This gives a general idea of what is involved in recabling a pair of headphones. 

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I don't think I will recable them myself not fooling with sodering etc. was hoping just had to open them unscrew it or something.  I emailed audio-technica they said would cost 40$ to replace cord plus shipping.  I think the sound is still fine it does do like a pop when I first turn on pc though.  They may have lost some quality not sure I think I remember hearing some stuff I don't now but there is no static popping other than first turn on pc get 1 pop with a little static with the pop.  Also I'm not sure if this has anything do with it but I notice that if I play a game and record it when i go back and watch recording there is usually more sounds then I could hear in game.  I have a creative xfi-titanium sound card.  Anyways I'm more interested in untangling/unkinking the cord than replacing it for now as i don't think the sound is affected much and i saw a video on how to replace the ear pads.

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A1000 pads are a thicker more durable vinyl. Personally i have W5000 pads (genuine leather).

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I never did replace anything but I finally decided to replace the pads. I guess I get them off audiocubes 2 is the only place i can see.  I've read some people say to get the a1000 pads to replace them instead of the a900.  Are they anymore difficult to install?  I just don't want to get them and find they don't work properly. I'm a novice at this stuff but tnx for all the info you guys gave it helped alot.

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so is there any difference from getting the pads from audio technica vs audiocubes 2 other than price? Why is audiocubes2 so much more?

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btw just figured I would add I got them from audio technica and they  worked well and added life into the speakers with them having that like new tighter fit.

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