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Am I sick??

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Why do I feel I must listen to hard rock/metal music at almost ear splitting levels to get the most satisfaction from it??

It just seems I keep pushing up that volume even though I know it's very, very bad for my ears.......

There's got to be an explanation for why louder sounds better with this kind of music.
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Someone could make a decent joke about how the reason it sounds better at ear-splitting levels is because at that level it distorts so much that it no longer sounds like metal... Someone could, but I sure won't

Hehe, j/k
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I have no idea what you're talking about.

The physical and mental effects of loud music have been studied of course, but most of the test results are skewed to whatever test the scientist wanted... I'm not sure what to believe.

For a good starting point of papers done, if you wanna research it: http://interact.uoregon.edu/MediaLit/FC/WFAEBIBO/Sonic
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Its (in my case anyway) a matter of dynamics...

When volume is low, certain kinds of music which SHOULD have energy sound, and almost feel lifeless... turning the volume control more and more seems to neutralise that "supposed" loss in dynamics... hence make the music sound more "real"

Don't worry, I'll crawl back into my little pit now
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It's the "Goosebump Factor"!

I just can't get the goosebumps unless it's LOUD AS H*LL!

But, on the other hand, there are plenty of songs that can give me goosebumps at much lower volumes......
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Endorphins man. Its all about the dopamine. Its possible that the loud music causes endorphins to release into your brain spurring an increase in dopamine re-uptake which basically makes you feel good. Of course too much dopamine will make you an addict.... Ah well the trials and tribulations of the audiophile are seemingly endless.
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Oh I almost forgot....

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I remember sometime reading through one of my Bass Player magazines, that there is a scientific reason why ALL music (no, not just metal) tends to sound better at higher volumes. I can't be stuffed going through my 11 years worth of Bass Player just now, but if I do find an idle moment (yeah, good joke!) I'll have a quick scan.

So in my opinion - No, you are not mad (well, not about this...... the rest of your potential delusions and hallucinations you'll have to make your own excuses for )

Cheers, Hamsta
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You are not sick! Being a former "Metal-Head" myself,listening to heavy metal at loud volumes is a must. That's what it's all about;the energy,intensity,aggression and emotion.You can't feel those things with metal music listening at low volume levels.
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hell yeah - if it ain't loud, it ain't ****!
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Well, there's one thing to be said about making it too loud -- you're sure to screw up your ears. So just be careful. A little less volume now is a whole lot better than hearing nothing in the future.

I wonder what the effects of having closed phones opposed to open phones (like my Grados) are on the health of the ears?
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I think there is something about listening to music (any kind) at "live" volume levels. If you like going to the concerts, you probably like higher levels. Most hard rock/metal was origionally performed at high levels, and to reproduce that (which is what this board is about, isn't it?) you gotta crank up the volume. And its not just hard rock/metal: a lot of country, classical, hip-hop, and rap is supposed to be loud.

But, I would recommend that you watch you local Sears and take them up on the free hearing exam they offer once a year. (I did and now my wife is even madder because I'm NOT deaf, I just tuned her out )
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Please disreguard this section.

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