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Ray Samuels HR-2 or XP-7??

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This is an old discussion. I have read many very old threads about these amps previously so I apologize in advance. Please feel free to ignore this thread if I quite simply bore you.


However, if not bored - I would like some feedback as come the New Year - I am going to be buying one of these amps.


I am buying the amp to pair with - 


a) McIntosh SACD MCD301 - Blue Jeans Low Capacitance RCA interconnects - RSA AMP (HR-2 or XP-7) - SHURE SRH 840


and on a more often basis - 


b) ALAC files  on Itunes - PC Desktop - via Cardas Clear USB Cable - Yulong D100 DAC - Blue Jeans Low Capacitance RCA interconnects - RSA AMP (HR-2 or XP-7) - SHURE SRH 840



Any comments??



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I'm a sad man - no one has any advice...boo hoo...

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I have the HR-2 and I am very happy with it. The XP-7 is also excellent I have heard and it is portable. The cost of the XP-7 and the additional power supply makes it more expensive than the HR-2 though.

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Thanks for your response. I am very tempted to go with the HR-2 but the only thing that concerns me is that I will be using it a lot with my PC. I will be using a neutral sounding DAC first but I worry that the HR-2 is simply too good an amp to match with PC usage...having said that - I could be totally wrong.


How do you use yours??

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I use mine this way right now:


NAD C542 > HR-2 > Senn HD 600/AKG 702 (both with Cardas Headphone cable upgrades). The RSA Raptor sounds even better in this configuration IMO I will add.


If you have FLAC music files on your PC and then a good USB DAC to an HR-2 or an XP-7, then your headphones should sound quite good. I have not heard the SHURE SRH 840 though.

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I use ALAC files with itunes. And I have a high quality DAC. The SHURE SRH840's are great though some people have described them as on the warm side.


I do have the option of matching the HR-2 with my McIntosh SACD player - the MCD 301. Well - I guess I can go with the HR-2. I will have no need to take this amp out of my home. Might as well go with the higher-end amp.



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I know that my NAD C542 is a modest CD player (i.e. not too expensive) but I think that it sounds great. I tried the NAD C542 as a transport to my DAC Magic DAC, but I preferred the built in DAC section of the NAD CD Player to that of DAC Magic. Hope that you enjoy your RSA HR-2!

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Thanks - after Xmas - I'll get one! Cheers!

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Actually - do you recommend the HD600 - I may pick up a pair for the HR-2. That or the Beyerdynamic DT880. The thing is the DT880 has would need 600ohms to drive it well. I have no idea what is the impedance range of the HR-2.

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From what I understand, Ray over at RSA Audio uses the Senn HD 600's as a reference for his amps.

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Interesting - I think the DT - 880 - 600 ohms is a better headphone but that is from what I have read. Haven't heard them yet...however, if I find that these amps would have trouble driving 600 ohms - I will just get the HD 600 for a safe bet. After all, if Ray uses them - then I will trust his judgement.

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There are many threads explaining that ohms doesn't necessarily mean it's harder to drive.  But to your original question, I used own the XP-7 .w/PSU and it sounded great with my Grado.  The nice thing about both amps is you can roll the opamps to change it from more warm to analytical and vice versa.  For around the same price range, I would consider the gilmore lites(miss this amp as well). Aslo, there's an XP-7 available on ebay for $300.

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Thanks. I will take a look though I'm pretty sure at this point I will choose the HR-2.

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