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Questions about A/AD900's

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Hello Head-Fi i have been looking into getting my first good pair of headphones and have been lurking here for a while trying to soak up all the knowledge. I have narrowed it down to the AD900 and A900 headphones. I currently have Sony MDR-V250's and have owned a version of this pair for the past 10+ years. Every post I have read about these headphones has been compared to higher end headphones in and above its class. This leading to my First question.


I have read the AD900 is Bass light or that its non-existent. Could anyone please tell me how the quantity? of bass would compare to something like the v250's?


My second question is about the recessed mids of the a900's. Would i even notice it? I'm sure my headphones are boo boo but its all i have to compare to.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Either should be a dramatic improvement over the MDRV250.  Between the AD900 and A900 the A900 will have more bass quantity and impact but the AD900 will have superior detail, clarity, separation, and soundstage as well as a better midrange. AD900 bass isn't non existent its just a bit under emphasized.   If you want something with more bass but with more or less the same level of sound quality look into the Beyerdynamic DT250 (80 ohm) and DT440.

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Welcome to Head-Fi. 


What equipment will you be plugging your new headphones into? 


What types of music do you listen to / uses do you have for the headphones? 

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I was looking at the dt880's as well but heard it still needs an amp. I don't really know if i would want more bass as i haven't heard them or any headphones in it's class. I was hoping someone could tell me if the quantity of bass (I'm sure the quality is much better) is more or less than the v250's.


I will be using these for music/games/movies in that order of usage. They will be ran from a Zune 32g, a receiver from a 200$ surround sound box set, and a laptop with onboard audio.


The music i listen to is quite varied: metal/rock/classic rock/blues/old school r&b/a little country and some hip hop (not so much these past couple years). I will also be using these unamped.


edit: I was also looking to keep it under 300$, any help would be appreciated.

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Anybody? If anyone with some experience with the lower end sony's could help me out por favor y gracias (please and thank you)

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I have never heard the V250's, so I can't compare vs the AD900's, but I have heard the 7506's and the V6's.  Personally, I really like the AD900's.  I don't know if I'd say they are lacking in bass though.  I've heard all of the K501, K601, and K701/702, and I think the AD900's have more/better bass than all of those.  I think the AD900's are a very balanced headphone actually.

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I have the AD900s. They were my first headphone, and I have since upgraded, but they are an incredible headphone for the price IMO. The bass is there, especially if you fiddle with EQ you can get a beautiful sound. Sure, there's headphones with better bass, but the bass is far from non-existent, and what there is of it is very controlled and done well. It's a great headphone for a beginner, very detailed, clear and a beautiful presentation of the frequency spectrum.

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My first pair of headphones were a900s and I used them for four years. I never really "noticed" the recessed mids and LOVED The bass and what I thought was clarity from these headphones.


I recently purchased some hd650s, tube amp, and DAC and it makes a huge difference. Yes, the a900s have slightly recessed mids and less clarity than some other phones, but they are very versatile (not needing an amp, great for gaming/movies, decent at music). I've not a HUGE grado fan, but in my opinion, the a900s are the best headphones you can get that don't require an amp.

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I just got my ad900's earlier today so I only have about 3 hours' experience. That said, maybe I can help a bit. The bass is actually quite powerful, but maybe because of the wider soundstage, it also feels a bit distant. I've been playing mostly electro and metal so far, and the ad900's have been really detailed and substantial in the mid to high range. Altogether great so far!

As a side note, I got them from accessory jack for about 260$ which from what I can tell is a pretty good price. It did take about four weeks for the headphones to arrive though.

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Thanks for the replies yall have been helpful. My first choice is the Ad900's but the whole bass light and such posts kinda have me a little worried. The v250's are not bass heavy phones but i always felt they did their job. I am now feeling like i have been missing out on some detail and clarity in my music but not sure if i can handle much less bass than the 250's.


Vheissu what kind of metal do you listen to and would you say it does the genre well? 


Thanks again to the good folks at head-fi

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You need to understand first that open backs can never give you the bass of a closed back, just as how closed backs can never give you the soundstage and clarity of an open back. So any open back will be bass light compared to most closed backs. If you are not comfortable with that, I recommend you to consider the M50 instead of the A900 (since the M50 is just flat out better than the A900 in every way).

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I listened to Red Album by Baroness and World Painted Blood by Slayer as well as a couple other random thrash/sludge metal tracks. The word that most comes to mind is "crunchy". The guitars come across very solidly and the crash and ride cymbals are super crisp.


So far I'd say the ad900's do a great job at metal, but I like a very dense, "dirty" sound.

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I understand the whole bass issue with open vs closed from some posts on here, the v250's being closed but they are not bassy by any means. I dont consider myself a basshead but was just trying to understand the quantity of bass on the ad900's in terms i could comprehend. I'm married with 3 kids and the nearest place i could probably test some out is about an hr. away. All i have and have heard are the v250's so its just kinda hard to understand somethings on here as i have never heard any phones people on here mention and compare to.


Thanks Vheissu i listen to a lot of metal: Slayer, Pantera, Strapping Young Lad, Opeth, Children of Bodom and others. I'm definately leaning towards the ad900's, still have some saving to do so it might be awhile but i definitely feel better about them now. Thanks again

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I recently upgraded from Sony MDR V6 to Audio Technica AD900s.  I listen to a variety of rock - 70's stuff to the present day(-ish).  I don't think the AD900s will disappoint in any way - every time I listen to them I marvel at the detail, sound stage and clarity.  Also, they are very comfortable.


The other thing in their favour is that they work beautifully unamped.  I am using a Cowon S9.  I like listening quite loud.  On average I listen at around 30 out of 40 on the Cowon with the 'Rock' preset eq selected and it's really plenty loud.


I'd describe the AD900 bass as firm and tight.  Probably accurate versus the original recording.  As has previously been stated, closed headphones enable more bass 'punch' but arguably that may just be colouration, even if it sounds nice (to some).


Hope I've communicated some of my continued boyish enthusiasm for the these headphones.  I've had them for around a month and every time I put them on I smile at the superb quality I'm getting.

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