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Any experience with NOS Valves (repair shop)?

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I've got some singlepower woes (who doesn't) - my SDS-T (T=tube rectified) done gone dead on me. I have a trusted tech, but I'm looking to expand my horizons for reasons I'd just assume not get into. Does anyone have experience with NOS Valves in Michigan? The tech (and I believe owner) is named Craig, don't know his last name. Feel free to post any positive/negative feedback here or by PM.His website is http://www.nosvalves.com/index4.htm


If you don't know this guy, any suggestions for an uber Singlepower guru? I've got a bunch of others that can use some work.





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I haven't heard of NOSValves. Maybe he's good.

Check the Singlepower threads - the one where the problems are discussed has a contact or two for companies that repair them. If I recall, several people here have used one shop. Sorry I don't remember which one.
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I don't have any experience with Craig first-hand but I read quite a few flattering things about his work when I was looking at having some old Dynaco tube amps redone a while back. 


With that said, though, I ended up getting my amps done with a guy named Sal Brisindi who also works on tube gear.  My experience with Sal was fantastic and I can't recommend him enough.  He works on tube stuff as a side business but he's very good at it.  His specialty is Dynaco stuff but from my discussions with him, it sounded like if it has a tube in it, he can get it up and running.  Here's his website:



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