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I will do so as soon as I have had a chance to listen properly. Have meanwhile asked my three sons to test them while I have been traveling, and will get some impressions from them as well.

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If anyone wants to order any of these and test them, themselves, they are very cheap - the most expensive being 45 USD, the little wire ones shown in the first post are 25 USD and the earplugs are 13 USD.


You can order them by emailing xylose@esmooth.cn


They are sent by courier (3 days from China to Sweden) and the courier costs quite a bit - 50 USD! (That was for 5 headphones - but the minimum cost is 45 USD.


They are very helpful, and have asked for any suggestions to improve the sound. They say that they actually manufacture the drivers themselves...

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They look amazing, I really wanted to order the ES-881EB since they take the Audio Technica design, but there's no easy way to order, which I find weird. There's no prices which I also found weird. They have way too many headphones too, which to me seems like they are more worried about looks rather than sound. Maybe once I get some throw away money I'll order some of these and give them to friends as gifts if I don't like them.

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It looks like they're just an OEM and don't sell direct to customers.


You're right about the looks though.  That's all they seem to be for.  I could really care less about how they sound since the only purpose I see in them is as fosterphones for modding.  As long as the frame and cups are of reasonable quality I'd be happy if they came without drivers.

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They sent me a price list, and it was easy to order by just emailing them, and they accepted payment via Paypal. But you are correct about them just basically being OEM.

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What do you mean by OEM?

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Original Equipment Manufacturer - means they produce for other brand names, and usually do not sell/market to the public.


Just a thought about the earbuds/IEM's - I have never been able to use any of these before, they either fall out, or go so far in that I feel like my brain is being invaded by aliens! (I hope I am not alone in this?) I also experience with the ones that go in deeply, that there is too much bass, possibly due to the very small diameter of my ear canals.


Anyway, although I don't think the sound of these is wonderful - still too much bass,  the midrange is quite musical, and they fit comfortably! So if this is important to you, they are quite inexpensive, and beautifully made. The cords seem of good quality, quiet, and non tangling. I use a small silicon earpiece-thingy on the left and a medium on the right - go figure, but that feels comfortable!


I also find with this type of earphone, individual experience varies widely, so they may sound much better (or worse) to you...

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Yeah I think I'm going to get my girlfriend a pair, though I don't think she'll use them at all.

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Just emailed them for fun. Awaiting a response...
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To any of you who have actually bought some, I'm most interested in the build quality -- especially on the little ES-610BB. They mostly look like they're made out of cheap plastic, which is surprising considering the whole wood thing.

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ES 610 BB

They are bamboo. Definitely real wood, I have opened them up. The finish is so clean it looks like plastic from the outside. The metal parts look very thin, but seem quite strong. They fold in a strange way, not very small, slightly awkward. The plastic joints work well, and are a bit stronger than they at first appear, but I don't know how long they will last. They do not sound anything special at all. I have put a little sound deadening material inside, which made them sound slightly clearer, but reduced the (already minimal) bass somewhat.The baffle does not appear to make an airtight seal, either, on the cup. But that seems to be by design, rather than bad workmanship. I think that the cushions actually have real leather on the front. I would say that of all the models I have from eSmooth these are the least well made, but the workmanship is still of high quality, they are quite exotic. They are also amazingly light, they make Koss Porta Pro's feel like they are made of lead.


I hope my comments help...


I have made some suggestions to the manufacturer, and they say they will discuss with their technicians. I am not sure if they will take me seriously, though, and anyway, what do I know! : )


Oh - they cost USD 25.00 plus shipping.

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When you opened them up, how much space did it seem like there was? Also, is the driver a part of the baffle or does the driver just clip in? I ask to assess the possibilities as a fosterphone for an SFI tweeter.

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 Drooling over some of these but it would be nice to get some owner feedback a bit first. It's not like they can be demo'd in store here ( Canada ) . Really looking forward to your reviews on those. Please...and thanks in advance.

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Not much space inside - they are small and the drivers are 38 mm. The drivers are part of the baffle. I will try to take pics and write more about them over the weekend. They are so cheap that it's hardly worth worrying about demos, just buy a pair and try them?

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yeah, but the $50 shipping puts them a bit north of cheap.

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