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These are begging for an orthodynamic implants... :S

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Hi there,


Just received 2 more units:


1. ES 126 EB, IEM - cone shaped ebony earphones including a mic for use with an iPhone, and adapters for other makes of phone (Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, etc).


This little unit is pretty, has amazing bass and volume, and works great with my iPhone. I actually think it is one of the better "budget" iem's I have heard, specially at under USD 20!


2. ES 621 EB - new small closed on ear portable headphone with a simple steel and plastic telescoping band and rotating earpieces. Folds reasonably small into a useful little muslin drawstring bag.


I think the sound is very good, particularly the bass. I find the treble a little "light" but I am nearly 60 years old, and my kids think it's fine, so...


Well done esmooth!


ES 126 EB.jpgES 621 EB.jpg


Now, for the ortho's : ) 


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There are now 2 companies in the USA stocking some of eSmooth's products.


Is it ok to say here what the companies are called?


eSmooth have also come up with a new design which they have high hopes for, and they will send me one to test next week.

It apparently has a new driver.

Here is a link and a picture:


(Look a little like the Skullcandy Aviators)




ES 660EB 2

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(Look a little like the Skullcandy Aviators)

great looking ,if they get a decent review after you get them ,I would buy these

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wow check these out! I was trying to remember this place last week forgot the name.



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these look great also ,I would have to keep the model # from  my wife  or she would be freaked by the 666 LOL

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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

wow check these out! I was trying to remember this place last week forgot the name.



The 660EBs do look just like a wooden cups variant of the Jay Zs SK Aviators just as these look like a Wooden Cups verion of The House of Marley Exodus. I like these. ;)




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The prices on these things compared to the looks/build quality seems amazing... 


Is there any one model that people are finding works best as a Fostex housing? 

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Well, I've been contacted by Steven Fu from woodheadphones.com.

Unfortunately it seems that the ES-660EB (Aviator lookalikes) and ES-666 (Exodus lookalikes) headphones are currently not available as of yet.



Quote: Steven Fu (steven@esmooth.cn)

-For the Models 666,we still did not make the headband tooling for this,so this model is not available at this moment;as this is the Newest Model that we first showed at the HK Fair in Oct,2011;660 also is a newest Model,and we got much good comment from the market feedback and customers as well,so this model headband tooling was ready just before CNY holiday(Jan.18th),but we still didn't launch them into the market for mass production;normally for a new set headband tooling,that was very costly and always need  2-3 months to make it


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I have the ES320s and they're bad. Just bad. Uncomfortable, quite weak and muddy. The build quality isn't the best as well.

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Is the ES360 still considered a good buy?

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These are really interesting, but the shipping costs have really scared me away. Has this been relieved at all or is the shipping still the same?

And I've been seeing mixed reviews, for $13, those IEM's would be nice, can't really go wrong with sleek IEM's for that cheap, IMO. 

Totally gonna email him and see if I can test out some pairs, a lot of my friends are interested, I know it'll most likely never happen, but hey, it's worth a shot!

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Looks Like ZAGG soon be releasing their ES-860s rebrands. Wonder how much they'll be "over"charging?



Next up are the new ZAGG premium headphones, made from wood.  Yeah, you heard right.  These very classy and stylish headphones will look good on anyone (even Justin Bieber) and promise to deliver superb audio quality.  All you audiophiles out there should be salivating right now.



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Thanks all guys give comments for ESMOOTH wooden hearphones range;these will help the audiophiles know more about what's the sound quality they are,I was also burning some wooden headphone in Music such as below,these always give me so much pleasure,I would like to share these Music or songs with all guys:below are my favorites.


-The Eagles-Farewell 1 Tour-Live From Melbourne(2005)- Chief singer: Don Henley


-You're the Inspiration: The Music of David Foster and Friends.I like all the songs by David Foster and Friends,but especially like the Peter Cetera's :(Live Album Version)


1) Hard to say I'm sorry

2)You're The Inspiration

3)Glory Of Love


-<<SUMMER>>,very sounded Piano music,Joe Hisaishi (very famous Japanese Musician),I collected all his CD.


-<<Kiss The Rain>>-Korean Musician /YIRUMA/ Piano Music- sounded very romantic and beautiful;-Relax music.


-<<Radetzky March (Symphony)>>,Johann Strauss,Classical Music,sure everybody love this.


-<<Pictures at an Exhibition(orchestral)>>-Mussorgsky.sure ,this music to give strength,courage and hope!!


-<<Need you now>>-Lady Antebellum


_<<One i Love>>-Meav


-<<Going Home>>(SAXOPHONE)


-<<The butterfly lovers>>(Violin Concerto)


These Music will make your life more better!!!



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I just recently purchased ES-320S In Ear headphones by eSmooth...honestly...they are pretty decent, the look is great, comfortable on the ears, and the quality of the sound is very good. 


Curious about their On Ear range.



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