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The one headphones you use most in your collect? - Page 5

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For just over two weeks, the Beyerdynamic T 70.


My poor Sennheiser HD-650's are getting lonely by themselves on the shelf. They're definitely not used to it.

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AKG Q701.

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I just got my K702 Annies and I can already tell this is the end game for me.


Schiit Stack-->K702 Annies

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Pretty much an even split between"

Larocco PPA => RS1

Millet hybrid  => K701


Thinking about adding a DT880 600 ohm for my Earmax OTL... I have never really used this amp to its fullest.

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At work, the LCD-2 direct out of an iPad (have them on now).  Don't laugh - they work surprisingly well out of the humble iPad.  Better, in fact, than from some amps I've owned.  Perfect for low volume listening.  Try it, you'll like it.  I'm going to put a scope on the output to see when the iPad clips, but I keep it low for long listening sessions.  Oh, the travel case is the best thing about these headphones - everyone thinks it's a lunch box.  Use it every day.


At home, the Stax Lambda Pros while at my desk, with the HD650 or LCD-2 from the Lyr when sitting in my poolside window seat reading - very relaxing.  The HD650 aren't getting too much time lately so it's probably time to pass them on.  They are so very comfortable that I hate to get rid of them.

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I've been wanting to try the HD650 for a while. PM me if you do decide to sell them.

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I don't have much of a collection (the other cans being a vintage Sansui SS-20 and a Philips CitiScape Uptown), but it's easily my Stax SR-Lambda (Normal bias). Comfortable enough to wear for hours on end, and an atmospheric presentation that I've only had out of Lambda variants thus far.


That said, I got the lucky opportunity to audition an HE-400 for a week without paying full price first, and you can bet I'll be taking advantage of that while it lasts. So far, I'm liking it quite a bit, though I wouldn't trade my SR-Lambda for it. Comfort isn't quite as good on the HE-400 due to small cup size, though it's still better than a lot of other headphones.

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I only have two, but mostly i'm using AD1000PRM
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Great thread!


My answer is... interesting. :-)

Sennheiser PMX-90.  Bike 40 min/day x 5 days/week = 200min/week.


Audio Technica W1000X and W3000 when listening at home.




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Senn's HD 595, since 2006 and just because they're so comfortable ;)

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When listening to music: HE-500 out of my emotiva mini-X


Playing Couter-strike GO: Q701 from my o2

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Athm50...because I'm always outside or travelling. Maybe it's time for a high end closed...
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Movies: hd800, sony sa3000, sony ma900, hd650.

Vocal musics: hd800, lcd2.1, hd650, stax 2170 combo, ad2000, phillips (for casual listening, direct to laptop jack, i forgot the type), sometimes sr-60.

Hip hop: ie8, se530

Portable: ie8, um3x, se530

I want: akg k702 or 701

I dont like closed headphone yet (other than my iem, of coz)
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