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The one headphones you use most in your collect? - Page 4

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Right now it's the LCD-2. I actually haven't picked up any of my other cans since I got these puppies. Before that it was tied between the AD2000 and HD650.

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Recabled HD600s at home and recabled JH13 Pros/JH 16 Pros on the go (depending on source and genre).

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At work, TWAgged DBI Pro-705s. I alternated between these and the Shure SRH-840s for a week and have stuck with the 705s since. While the Shures sound better by almost all measures, and are better at blocking out external noise too (the whole reason why I stick with closed cans in the office), the 705s are more comfortable and the sound is less trebly, so background music doesn't get sufficiently distracting.


At home, I still switch between headphones a lot but probably reach for the MB Quart 95x most often. Probably the second-most comfortable cans I've got (the most comfortable being a QP 70 with almost-worn-out pads). Well-recorded music sounds extremely good, but it's very forgiving of the hours of poorly-recorded indy rock I've been ripping and re-auditing for the past couple months. If I know I'll be listening exclusively to music with high production values for an evening, one of the AKGs are usually my first choice; otherwise it's annoying to swap cans after every few songs.

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I probably use my HD-555's the most, but then again my collection only consists of SR-60's, M50's and SRH240's.

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For home use, my MP Sextetts are my favourite set and I'm selling off everything else. For portable, either my Pioneer HDJ-2000 or Senn PX100-ii.

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The AKG K702, they are great sounding with jazz and classical. Paired with my solid state amp. 

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RE0's. Pretty much whatever I've "upgraded" to recently.

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LCD2 gets most of the time then the T1 rest are collecting dust

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MS Pro Ulti always feels and sounds right, except a few days of cruel summer heat.

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Ultrasone Pro 900 Kees Mod + Milan Cable. This is because the s/o is always running the TV. If alone, Grado PS 1000.

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I use my Jbuds J3m the most as I commute a lot and don't like to carry much stuff.


It's kept in a pouch which hangs to my Home keys.

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I find myself going to my Denon D7000 more and more.
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Right now it's a tie between my KRK KNS-8400 and DJ100. When I listen to the KRK I keep going back to the DJ100 because the sound is more engaging and fun. I love the bass on them.

The M30 pads on the DJ100 make them soooo comfortable. I think those are my favorite cheap pads. Somehow they keep my ears cool.

My k601 that I love has not been used in over a week and a half sadly. I NEED to start listening to it more!

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K701s have gotten the nod over several other headphones. Of course, I'm quick to get rid of headphones I know I won't listen to over the K701s, so...


Although the HF-2s are a completely different beast, so I've been reconsidering my quest to find the single "do-everything" headphone and instead getting two separate headphones.

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I have three headphones in my collection (so far tongue_smile.gif) and I really love all of them, and using them almost equally. I have to say though that I probably use my k701 most because they are good with jazz and orchestral classical music which is the music I mostly listen to. I use my k501 with chamber music and acoustic rock and pop, and HD650 with rock and sometimes with larger orchestral works. Either way this trio is a fantastic set of headphones o2smile.gif I don't like the idea of a single "do-everything" headphone. I prefer to have different headphones that excell in their own areas and complete each other, creating a little variety.

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