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The one headphones you use most in your collect?

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What is the one headphones you use most from your collection? What do you use it with and why you use it most?
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been through probably 100 or more headphones (thx headfi)

i use the audio technica ath-a900 most. use with pc for gaming. i like the extended top and bottom end

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Probably my Koss Pro DJ 100 with my Ipod Touch and Asgard (or airhead). Mostly because it has my near perfect sound signature. If I could list on paper my requirements it'd fit them more than any other headphone.

A good amount of bass (not bass heavy), slightly forward mids, and VERY slightly rolled off (non fatiguing) highs is what I like. I do like a lot of detail and a crystal clear sound. Some of the headphones under $100 sound good, but the sound isn't as clear as it could be. Often you don't realize this until you compare them to more expensive headphones like the KNS-8400 and k601...or even the Grado SR-80!


DJ100 is just fun to listen to. It's addicting and sounds "just right". Sounds good with nearly all of my music. I listen to my k601 when I want a bigger soundstage or want something different or more comfort. I also use my k601 for gaming. DJ100 is great for gaming, but I prefer that bigger soundstage. DJ100 has FAR more forward sounding detail though, but sometimes I don't always feels like I want that with some of my games (I don't play multiplayer FPS games).


Before I got into headphones again I had used my Triple Fi 10 daily for THREE years and nothing else! Right now they collect dust since I've gotten tired of putting things in my ear.

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It'd have to be a tie between my HD-555 and ATH-M50.

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My shure srh840s. After I got my shures I retired my athm50s. I use them mostly with my computer and ipod. 

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Grado SR225

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Up until last Monday I used my HD580s the most. As of then, a pair of HD650s.

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The HD-800. I might like the K-1000 a little bit better, but it stays in its box and only comes out when I have a few hours for dedicated listening. The HD-800 is more convenient for knocking off an album while doing something else. I'm usually online and a lot of times the cat wants attention, too.

I love the HD-800 because Sennheiser got most everything right. Not perfect, but the whole outweighs everything else. It is cohesive and rarely puts a foot wrong. I truly appreciate the years of effort Sennheiser put into developing it. More remarkably, the HD-580/600/650 are similar in doing very little wrong, but Sennheiser still improved on them. Unlike some of the "me too!" super-expensive headphones that came after the HD-800. Some manufacturers decided that they needed something with a $1,000+ pricetag that incorporated luxury packaging, so they reheated their leftovers and started charging a hell of a lot of money.

The K-1000 also is coherent and hangs together quite well. Unlike Sennheiser, AKG decided not to follow up an excellent headphone with an improvement.

I should also mention that the speakers are getting a bit of listening time, too. I rotate them and have the ProAc Response 2.5 clones running now. Not the last word in resolution, but they are remarkable speakers and the bass is a lot of fun!
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HD800! Those are like, $2000!

As a kid with no job, I could never afford those!

Then again, I would rather buy camera equipment with those 2000 bills instead.


Why are kids today always playing with the expensive toys? deadhorse.gif



In any case, I use my lowly Sr80i. Its my only one. Well, I do have a M50 coming in the mail, so I'll see how it goes.

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Tf10 pro for my iPod touch.
I use them when I was out
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For the past few months its been my ATH-W11R. I listen to more rock and vocals than anything else and the W11R (out of my warmish setup) handles those two genres of music better than any other headphone I've heard. The fact that they are closed is also a big part of why I favor them in most cases. OTOH if I'm in the mood to listen to classical or acoustic (and my environment is quiet enough) I'll usually break out my K400.

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SR325is gets the most play.  It's good for most music I listen to.  ATH-M50s are a close second. 

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esw9a, good all around for me for both movies and music, it lets my ears breathe a little while still being closed.  It used to be the ath-M50s.

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Well I only have one pair right now but they get a lot of use. The AKG 702s, I probably use them about 10hours a day on average. I usually listen to music constantly when I am on the computer and I am on the computer a lot soo.....

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I've been using my HD650's pretty much exclusively since I got them. They are just so silky smooth and non tiring. I use them with the HeadRoom desktop amp/DAC with a USB cord connecting it to my laptop.

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