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Amazon AD700s for $90. Good deal?

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Hey all,


I just got my Grado SR80i's and I'm already plotting my next set of cans.  I saw that Amazon has the AD700s for $90.  Bad investment?  How do they compare to the Grados?

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The lowest price I see for AD900 is almost $400 on Amazon. The AD700 usually hovers around that price though.

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I can only find the AD700 there for that price, the AD900 are $400... something i'm missing :) ?

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think youre looking at A700s. A900s are $250

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Yep, sorry - AD700s.
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The AD700s are typically around that price on Amazon. If you don't mind a distinct lack of bass, go for it. They're pretty magical otherwise.

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This thread just about gave me a heart attack! eek.gif Might want to fix the title.

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AD900 was $279.99 for the longest time on Amazon, although sold through other sellers. Now, since it's pretty much gone, the price has sky rocketed.


AD700 on the other hand, has nearly always (in the past year at least) been around $90, which is simply a spectacular deal! I bought mine last December for $95.

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The ad700's sound amazing for their price.  People say they lack bass.  I would say that they simply lack bloat in the lower end.  They don't rattle your teeth, but you can easily hear the bass.  I enjoy their stock signature so much I leave my auzentech xfi prelude on audiocreation mode and don't mess with their sound at all.  

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Aside from lack of bass the AD700 have one of the best sound stages especially for their price. The best way to describe the AD700 is your at a concert near the middle to slightly further back rows smack dab in the center versus being at the front row. If you like being sat in that section, the AD700 represent most of the sonic qualities.

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definitely! if you love soundstage that grado doesn't have :)

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The AD700 was my first real headphone. Got mine 2 years ago and was stunned by how good headphones could sound. Dave Weckl's Live and Very Plugged In or McCoy Tyner's New York Reunion is just a great experience in them. It's amazing how you can pinpoint the location of sounds all around. Someday I'm sure I'll upgrade from them but I'm not sure I'll ever actually get rid of them.

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$90 are the usual going price lately for a few months already.  As for the bass, there are bass, but lack fullness and aggression.  The whole headphone is not aggressive.  I would imagine the AD700 to be quite different from the sr80, so if you do get them.  Don't expect them to sound anything like your grados.  They are very nice if you know what you are getting into.  They are also going to be big compare to the grado.  The cups are big enough to cover all of your ears and touch your jaw.  Although big, very comfortable.  Oh I guess I should also say that they don't swivel flat or fold.

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