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Music suddenly appreciated with better gear?

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Are there any styles of music that you weren't into before getting better phones/DAC/amps that you can now appreciate?
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Never was a big fan of jazz and prog. rock until I received my HD555, it was like they opened a portal to another dimension.  

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My FM tuner got me into jazz. I never was a fan, but I never disliked the genre. However, the local jazz station sounded so good on the receiver, I kept listening. I'm glad I did.

I've also picked up on several artisrs/groups because their SACD/DVD-A offerings were so good.
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The RS1 made me appreciate metal music. I always kinda thought it was loud noise, not music.

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Better gear blew me away with Lyle Lovett's music.  That was a surprise to me.

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good jazz recordings

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As soon as I got my Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5, techno and dubstep became part of my portable music collection. Those headphones really showed off the musicality and not just the constantly thumping bass

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No, but good recordings did help me to appreciate better gear. ;)

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I never liked jazz, country or blue grass until I got into headphones and started listening to artists like Norah Jones, Tift Merritt, and Alison Krauss for their vocals and well recorded albums.
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Originally Posted by Curly21029 View Post

No, but good recordings did help me to appreciate better gear. ;)

Very true for me as well!


I started paying more attention to recommendations for 'well-recorded' or 'reference' material after I got more involved in building/buying gear a couple of years ago. I found some new artists that I enjoy a lot.


Sadly, (for my wallet) some of my purchases very high-quality recordings of quite mediocre musicians.... so we have to keep in mind that it's the music that counts, not the 'hi-fi'.

Lately I've been asking myself this question when I think about buying new gear (which I don't need, really) "Would this new piece of gear bring more enjoyment than 5/10/20/50 new CDs?".



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Jazz seems to the genre people start to appreciate. Same for me. But the more I appreciated jazz, the less I appreciated rock...

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Big Band music is something I now enjoy, provided that I am able to find a good quality reproduction. Most of the music recorded in this genre is fairly old, and only the most popular stuff can be easily found in qualities that good equipment won't destroy from being too revealing. Big Band has roots in Jazz, but it's probably far from the style that most would consider to be Jazz when discussing this genre today.

The album, "In the the Digital Mood" from Glenn Miller, is exceptional. This is coming from a listener that snaps his fingers along with Limp Bizkit's "Nookie" or cranks the volume up for a Chemical Brother's track.
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