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Venturecraft's GO DAP review

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A lot of companies in the past, almost a decade now, has offered something to help improve the sound of apple products.

that product can be an amp, a transport, a dac... all for the improvement of music listening.

it maybe your iphone or your ipod, or ipad.


to be satisfied, we bring most of them on trips and travels.

we bring an amp, wires, charger...then, before you know it, youll see that youve used a lot of space for music listening...

and you dont want to left behind your most important gadget - the iphone.



BUT, what if...

there is a company that will offer you something better.

for convenience.

for productivity.

for enjoyment.




in a form of a simple iphone case.





The GO-DAP is a beautiful product made by a japanese company named VENTURECRAFT.

It is an amplifier and also an external battery for the iphone 3gs.

it gets its analog signal at the apple proprietary pins and enhances the sound thru the help of the amplifier.

the battery is a 1450mah, enough to last for a day or two  while the amplifier is Burr-Brown OPA2134U.


BUILD:  4.5/5


The GO-DAP  is made up of light and of highest quality material of plastic and aluminum.


it feels smooth and solid as well,  to the touch.


the iphone holder is made up of hard plastic, harder than any iphone-protector that is made in plastic in the market today.


the size is almost similar on the iphone.

in the front view of the iphone, you will only notice the volume knob on top of the unit.

side view, you will see clearly how nice the go-dap hugs the iphone. no spaces in between. 

on the back, there is an angled cut for the camera, a little edge for the amplifier space at the upper corner, the battery at the center and battery indicator at the bottom. there is also a button at the lower part that will let you know how much more battery is remaining.


very thoughtful on every function.

it is easy to use and easy to navigate into everything, well indicated on the functions and even the battery portion.







the form factor first, you can use this go-dap as a stand for the iphone. when attached, the iphone can stand either vertically or horizontally. a truly nice 


at the bottom part, the usb port wherein you can use it for charging the go-dap itself and when connected to a computer, can be use for syncing the iphone thru the itunes.


at the top part, in the left the jack for headphone, center is the volume knob and right is the switch.

the volume knob is use for adjusting the volume level of the amplifier, indicated by a "-" and "+".


the switch is made of transparent material, it lights into a beautiful red color to indicate it in ON mode.


there are three levels in this switch: 

the OFF part.

the CHG-i meaning to charge the iphone will using the amplifier.

the SYNC section for syncing the iphone directly to the computer thru USB and using the amp only and not charging the iphone.


all the indications are clearly written at the unit.




every track i played using the go-dap's amp, seems like new to my ears.

it provides more clearer, cleaner sound.

i hear no hiss on the amp.



its like your hearing your music in new way.

different than usual.

my music seems more smooth than before.



all the depth, width, instrument separation, the details are all in there.



it makes all the instrument breathe more.

it is not congested like in all of my hp-out.

proven thru the tracks: LEONA LEWIS' RUN and KELLY CLARKSON's LONGSHOT.



the amp is not warm nor cold. it is neutral.

there is no coloration or anything to it.






the good part in the GO-DAP, is its ability to supply more power to your iphone...this is very helpful in critical times when youre already low batt and you want to make a call.

well, worry not, the company has offered a 1450mah, which will provide you another day of regular use of your iphone.

When not using the amp, you can switch the GO-DAP to CHG, which will eventually fill the bars of your iphone battery as you see in your screen.

it acts as a support.


i think, no amp will help your iphone like that.

so that is another great idea of venture craft.





most iphone cases are made up different materials.

some companies offer silicone case, plastics, metal...


the venture craft's case is simply made of hard plastic.

it is usually normal, but what i find it lacking is the protective case that covers the upper sides of the iphone.

it isnt covered by the case...some drop will surely hit the iphone, and know from there, that a scratch will be visible.


hopefully, the next iphone 4 case by venture craft will cover the full sides of the phone.





PROS: multifunction: amplifier for music lover and also an external battery for the iphone.


CONS: limited for iphone 3gs only




the protective case only covers the lower part of the iphone.

it doesnt extend to the higher part where the volume of the iphone is located.

it would be a little more nicer if GO-DAP could cover all of the iphones sides.

of course, the clarity is superb...it is the first thing you will notice.

the resolution and instruments has more air to them to breathe.

it doesnt sound congested.





it is a leap in sound department no doubt compared to the headphone out of the iphone.

the sound is simply...amazing.

the clarity is absolutely present.

the details and resolutions is enhanced more.

more definition.



instument separation is greatly rendered. it makes each instruments breathe more air. more space into them.

the soundstage seems a little bit wider, in 3d.



i have never encountered anything like this before.

a multifunction-ultra portable amp. a battery. a syncing device. a stand. all in one particular item - GO-DAP.


it such a nice to own one.


the battery helps a lot, it will back you up in critical times when you need to make that  important call.

you never know when your iphone battery will drain of course.


no more problem of owning a bulky amplifier that you will tie with rubber in your dap.

no more problem in charging the amplifier separately.


it not only improves the sound, but also i find the build to be more focus on the amp and battery itself.

i find the amp to be competitive to most available amps that range from $100-200...like the fiio amps e5 and e7.

i find it very unique iphone case...and i find it only in GO-DAP by Venturecraft.




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Nice review for your bed, I LOVE the baseball pattern :O

Btw whats that red and black thing on it?




Jk ;)

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do you mean the GO-DAP?

i chose red because its my favorite color.


yep, i usually listen to my music in bed, specially before sleeping.

it makes me feel the music more...

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