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For Sale: W.E 408A tube and Amperex EF91 tubes

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$6.50 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
W.E 408A tube and Amperex EF91 tubes

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi, i have 17 408A tubes for sale at US$6.50 each or 4 for US$24. They are compatible with Little dot I+. They were tested to be in good working condition. I was going to purchase Little dot I+ and use this tubes on it but end up buying Little dot mkIII.  These tubes do not have box with them. 


10 Amperex EF91 at US$8.50 each or 4 for US$32. Compatible with Little dot I+, MKII and MKIII. These tubes sound really wonderful to my ears! and i prefer them over CV4014 which is the Mullard made millitary version. They come with original boxes and i can ensure they are in working condition. They look NOS to me because there is this layer of coating inside the tube which starts to fade after i start using them. Before using them, i could not see what was inside but after burning in for 50hrs, they start to fade and internal component is visible.


i only accept paypal. Can check ebay for my feedback, my user name is chinhow2010.  

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Price include postage and paypal fee! 

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