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Hi All


Well my current Sennheiser IE7's are screaming along and sound awesome as always, but now I'm looking for a pair of cans, either Sony MDR-V700DJ (which I owned and sounded awesome) or Sennheiser equivalent.  My budge is around AU$ 300.  I know I'm going to get slammed for this, but based on comparisons on specifications, the Sony MDR-V700DJ's seem to outdo the competition.  I will be using these headphones for my iPod.  The Sony MDR-V900's cost AU $499 - a bit too pricey.


UPDATE: Picked up a pair of Sennheiser HD-555's (Reduced to $175) and all I can say that these have very poor audio reproduction, as I have to almost crank the iPod to max volume to hear the bass - its just almost no existent.  Additionally, noise isolation is almost non-existent as I can hear cars / traffic while listening to the HD-555's, plus there is too much sound leakage, etc.  My iPod has the equaliser disabled (never needed) it.  My Sony MDR-V700DJ's have a lot more bass and never had to crank my iPod as much as the Sennheiser's.  My Sennheiser IE7's sound 10x better than the HD-555's.  Im really really shocked at this result, and all my audio is 320Kbps.  I will be returning these for a refund tomorrow.


UPDATE 2: The Dr Dre Studios are too bass heavy, you hardly hear anything else at all, these were returned and refunded.  I then got a pair of Sony MDR-V500's, which lack the Neodynium Magnet for better bass and treble, which the 700's have, but hey for AU $172 with 40mm driver I'm not winging.  You just have to compensate this by increasing the iPod volume.  So, I've done this big brand loop and came back to Sony, as these are simply the best dynamic closed headphones on the market.


I look forward to hearing from you all soon.


Rodney aka FidelityFreak

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