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Hello, I'm interested in auditioning on the new Brainwavz M3 and I agree to the conditions. I'm from Canada and my experience with IEM's include the following: Shure E500, Ultimate Ear 700, Yuin PK1, klipsch Custom 2, Philips SHE-9850, Sennheiser CX300, Monster Turbinu Pro Gold and Westone 2. I will use my Sansa Clip+ (Rockbox) and Foobar 2k / Centrance Dacport for sources.



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I wouldn't mind auditioning the M3 and agree to the conditions. I am from Canada and have experience with the following IEM's, MP4Nation M1, M2, Monster Turbine, Monster Turbine Pro Copper and Gold, Earsonics SM3, Klipsch S4, Sennheiser IE8, and others. My setup is my iPhone and computer with a small Rocoon portable amp and desktop amp.


Thanks for the opportunity to even ask :-).

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received the brainwavz m3 today, I will post a short reviews after further listening impressions

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Sound Sig:

Bass: Less emphasis on the mid bass compared to the brainwavz m2’s. Bass extends lower compared to M2’s without the mid bass that got In the way of details in the mid range and treble.  More bass emphasis than RE0’s another highly regarded phone under $100.

Treble: very good, cymbals sound very crisp/realistic (emphasis on treble) very similar to RE0’s though there are other phones out there that sound even crisper/cleaner in the treble area. Just like the Westone 3’s, the m3’s give female voices a certain air of authority.  Not enough treble to seem aggressive/fatiguing by any means. Extension is average/decent

Mids: are fine, with a slight emphasis on par with the emphasis on the treble.

Overall, I would say the M3’s are Treble/mid oriented phones just like the RE0’s

Soundstage: very good instrument separation, unlike many IEM’s, the sound isn’t in your face/in your head. Much less in your face compared to the M2’s. positioning is average, nothing special here, more left/right then front, center and back.


Build quality

:No chin slider (not a big deal, but it would have helped the overall package. Same complaint with the M2’s.

:Lack of strain relief near earpieces though the durable cable makes up for this aspect. Perhaps the lack of strain reliefs can be attributed to the way they were intended to be worn  (over ears)

:Cables are very durable, has a bit of memory. Cabling is the best I have seen in the under $100 price range.

:Very nice packaging, compares very well to similar offerings from other manufacturers in the price range. In fact, the packaging is superior compared to the vacuum molded packaging that is near impossible to open without scissors.



:Microphonics are evident when worn down the ears, over the ears, microphonics are still noticeable but greatly reduced. Once again, a chin slider would have helped further

:unique shape didn’t give me any fit issues. In fact, when worn with the earpieces facing forwards (cabling entrance pointing forward just like westones) the earpieces don’t brush against the side of my ears like the flexible strain reliefs of the westones



Overall package:

Same accessories as the brainwavz m2, a convenient hardcase, clip and 3 sizes of tips. (M2’s/brainwavz phones used to ship with foam tips as well, but as of 25/12/2011 foam tips aren’t included anymore) no big loss, IMO, the foam tips were detrimental to the sound quality.


note: these are just some initial impressions after a bit of usage, i will update the review with any more updates after a few more days. overall impressions are very good so far.

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