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Broken iBasso D4? Help?

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So before I send this little guy back for repairs, I'd like to see if anyone can help me for free here.




Upon slight movement, the USB connection cuts out entirely - power and audio. The blue light goes out. If switch is set to "Battery", the device stays on, but is no longer processing audio. The computer no longer sees it. And when I say slight movement I really mean it. Any little vibration, a light tug on the headphone cable, tapping fingers on the desk, turning the volume knob, tapping feet on the floor will trigger it. Although it is pretty inconsistent. Usually the connection will return if I lightly shake it. The device functions perfectly when being used as a standalone amp on battery power.



-tried with multiple USB cables

-tried with no battery

-tried with no back plate

-tried on both gain levels

-tried on both power settings

-tried on multiple computers


You can probably guess its pretty annoying. Whenever it shuts off I have to restart the program that was playing the audio mad.gif

My first instinct is that the USB socket is broken, but I'll post this anyways 'cause shipping to China isn't cheap.


So, anyone see anything like this before?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks :D

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I gave up on my D4's USB connection months ago - same symptoms. iBasso is able to sell cheaply for a reason. I just went out and bought a dedicated DAC, and the amp section of the D4 only has to last until my StepDance arrives. Once bitten, twice shy - I guess the D4 was good while it lasted.

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hmm, must just be a problem with the socket used in the D4, because I havent read of it before and my own D10 has been going strong now for 2 years and for most of that it was being used every day stuffed in pockets etc. admittedly I only really use the usb socket for charging but this thing has been through so many mods its not funny and keeps going strong.I did replace the HP jack with a more rugged genuine switchcraft version about a year ago,

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I have the exact same problem as solidsnake, except my D4 is out of warranty. Always connecting / disconnecting. It's really disapointing sine I actually can't afford a new DAC, and I expected my D4 to work for many years. Any way to solve this problem ?


Thanks !Stef32


(sorry for my english, i'm french)

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A few weeks ago I sent my D4 to iBasso for repairs (under warranty). Got it back a week after that and everything is working well. Fast shipping and great communication from iBasso. They only replaced the the USB port. Stef32, I guess your only option would be to replace the USB port yourself or find someone to do it for you. Bonne chance!

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Some time back my D4 all of a sudden stopped playing audio via the USB DAC but the amp still worked fine. I sent my D4 back to iBasso for warranty repair and they replaced the USB port. The D4 worked fine for a while after this and now the same thing happened again. No audio via DAC, amp working fine. Sounds to me like the problem might be somewhere else than the USB port.

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Just got a reply from iBasso and they said that there was a defective transistor on the DAC side of my D4. According to their comments this was the first time ever they've seen a defective transistor in a D4.

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My D4 had the same problem for the third time now. No audio when playing via USB, AMP section working fine when playing via AUX IN. This happened a day after the warranty had expired. I contacted iBasso and they instructed me to send the D4 back to them. They replaced the whole PCB this time and even reimbursed the postal costs to me. This is great customer service! Just hope now that the D4 works fine from now on.

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