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Pre order of A1 for head-fi'er ( updating, First batch delivery ) - Page 3

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Thanks! due to some reason, all friend in USA may get the A1 later because the A1 just arrive Amazon and will shiped by Amazon!

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Can't wait your review or any feedback!

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I set up the amp last night and used it to listen to some audiobooks when I went to bed. The one thing I can say so far is that it does a great job at low volume. No discernible channel imbalance, very little background noise. If only the blue LED were a little less bright! But I guess that a very personal problem I have, I might just have to tape something over it.

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So if it's now just being shipped by Amazon most of us in the USA are not going to see it before Christmas as I suspect Amazon will ship via UPS/FedEx ground.  I have an Amazon Prime account and get free 2nd day shipping but I doubt Amazon will put two and two together and ship it to me using my prime account.  


I did a search for the FiiO A1 on Amazon and it's listed but says "Currently Unavailable" and has no picture so not sure if they have received them yet.  Was hoping to have this for Christmas but I guess probably not :-( 


If this was a marketing test and pre-sale why are you guys selling these through Amazon?  Is this to just sell through the remaining 50 or so units?  Whats the price on Amazon going to be?

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Still working in conjunction with the A1 + E7 and E9 foobar, as I like to spend hours more.
Crisp and deep sound, you can even with hi-end speakers of scan-speak.
Congratulations to Fiio and Feiao

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A1 arrived today, thanks for the christmas card and bow on the package James!


I'd thought I'd have to wait until I could get some little speakers then I remembered I had another application - my old beyer ET1000 which need a power amp connected to their adapter to run.
Hooked it all up and it sounds absolutely lovely, much richer and smoother than the decrepid old Marantz receiver I was using and a no background noise at all. Think it might have to stay hooked up to these for good!

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Strange, I posted a status update earlier today but it did not show up...


We are helping FiiO send out A1 units purchased by US buyers. They were all shipped as of this morning, and except for one that is going to the west coast, all of them will be delivered by this Friday the 24th, in time for Christmas. 


The A1 listing on Amazon is just a place holder for now, there are no actual products available for sale yet. FiiO has indicated that for the time being, the A1 will only be available through them on a trial sales basis. 



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Thanks for the info Jack.  I got an email from Micca Store this morning with the tracking number.  Looks like I'm the guy on the west coast, no big deal something to look forward to after Christmas day :-)  


In the interim I hooked up the Boston Acoustic MCS100's up to an old Pyle Power Amp I had sitting around.  Giving them a test run on various material right now PC -> E9/E7 -> Pyle Amp.  Initial reactions are that the MCS100's sound very nice, plenty of bass for my taste but I'm not a huge bass head, especially when the speakers are only  few feet from my head on my desk.  Very clean detailed sound so I'm looking forward to trying them paired with the A1.  For me the advantage of these speakers was the small foot print as my desk is small and with a 17" laptop dual monitors and other stuff on the desk there is not a huge amount of room for speakers, plus tigerdirect.com price was nice.


I'll post a review of the speakers when I pair them with the A1.

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Mine arrived today and is waiting under the tree for X-Mas morning.  If your initials are KW, then I got the card addressed to you.  Hope you don't mind if I open it.  biggrin.gif

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ignore this

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ignore this, my mistake

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Already got my A1+S1. Thank you for creating interesting product, James smily_headphones1.gif


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



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First step,


I try FiiO A1 with CD player and NAD 8100 Loundspeaker then with Paradigm Performance series speaker.


FiiO A1 gives unbelivable performance, powerful  bass comes with detail ,God!!! 


I try Nirvana ,Nevermind  : The Corrs ,Unpluged : Emi Fujita , Carmomile and more .Nice soundstage , very impress..


FiiO A1 produce more bass than NAD 3225PE ,I must move my speaker forward to reduce their bass.


For next step I'll try with other speaker : NHT super one , ELEAC FS58 , KEF Q series ,Wharfadale Daimond 9.3.


And then I'll try with FiiO E7+E9 set.


Thankz for all.

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any still available?  if so i'll take one.  please pm me and let me know

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Please add me to the list. I send $66.66 to dc@fiio.com.cn via PayPal and also send my address info to market@fiio.com.cn. I also e-mailed Micca and asked them if they are going to ship the A1 to me, as I am in the US.


I already have the E7+E9 combo and plan on trying the A1 with Paradigm Atoms.



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