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For Sale: FS: Black Nuforce Icon Mobile

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For Sale:
FS: Black Nuforce Icon Mobile

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm getting rid of my portable things since I don't use them much anymore. For sale is the nuforce icon mobile portable headphone amplifier + dac. The unit is the black model and I believe I bought it two years ago, the December after it first came out. It has a tiny dent on the side with the LEDs which does not affect functionality and some general wear, I'd give it like a 7.




Asking price is $42 shipped CONUS incl. paypal fees but would appreciate paying as gift to avoid said fees. See my feedback below. No cables included for this price. Pics at request.


I have the short 3.5mm cable but it's at a different location and it would take until around the 18th to be able to ship it to you with the amp. I can ship that and a compatible usb cable for an extra $5 but you can easily acquire these from monprice.com, etc. for cheap.

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