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My new Cans ( another hd 650 dt880 sort of questions )

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First I would like to state that i have used the search in the forum and I've read a lot of threats.


I have the M50, IE8, creative x-fi music, Ibasso D4 that use at work has dac/amp.


I will be getting a desk dac/amp combo like the Matrix mini-i and probably a tube amp ( but that's another war ).


For now i really need some tips on my next cans. I'm stuck between DT880 (600ohm) and HD 650, but I will not discard other recommendations. Here in Europe I can get them for the same price.


I will try to describe what i listen to (all from flac, home made rips).


>50% of the times


- Tool

- Nine Inch Nails

- Nick Cave


> 35 %

- Led Zeppelin

- Tom Waits

- Radiohead

- Tori Amos (only female voice I enjoy hearing , except florance and the machine)



> 15 %

- Classical Music.



I know that you can't expect some cans to excel at everything, so if the are good for the first group I will be pleased.


I'm not a Basshead, I know my gear can be misleading. In fact although I love the IE8, I was more wowed by the DBA-02 with the right tips, that separation of instruments and bass was good ( I really got some good bass with the foam tips, the same foam tips on the IE8 makes them muddy)



Thanks in advanced, I know I will get some good opinions.

Sorry if my English ain't top notch, but I don't use it often.

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i'm loving my HD650's. thats all i can add. never heard the 880's.

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Thanks for the info.

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At times, i also listen to NIN and Tool + a wide range of music.  They all sound amazing with my HD650.  Note:  need a GOOD burn in time, player and amp.

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I'll throw in my vote for the HD650's.  For the price, they cannot be beat.

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Tom Waits sounds pretty good through the HD 650 to my ears, but then the HD 650 is the first and only full-size headphone I own.


When I was reading up on the HD 650 (and I did a lot of reading up!), the consistent message was they need a good amp to drive them. I went with an OTL tube amp, as this is a well regarded choice for the HD 650, and I'm certainly not disappointed.


Compared to my HD 25-II and UM3X I would say the HD 650 is a neutral headphone which excels at vocals, acoustic and jazz - certainly isn't short of bass - but perhaps could do with a bit more speed for heavy rock/condensed music (i.e. some of Led Zepp's heavier numbers).

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They're both great all-rounders.  Chose the Beyers if you like a brighter presentation and the Senns if you like a slightly darker one.

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