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Headphone amp for AKG702

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I've just purchased a 702 and am looking for a headphone amp to go with it. I like the reviews members have given here about the Burson Audio HA-160, and honestly am leaning heavily in this direction, I am happy though to hear opinions about other amps though that would be a good match.


The other issue I have is that I'll be running the amp from my CD player, the RCA's on my CD player are already attached to my integrated 2 channel amp. My CD player also has XLR outputs and speaking to Burson, they indicated they will make an amp with XLR inputs. For various reasons I would prefer to keep it as an RCA plug. My integrated amp does not have an output stage but I do have an AVR which does(tape). The AVR though has been set up for surround sound and really not the best source for music. Anyone have any suggestions how I could make everything work?

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I have experience with the Burson & a Woo Audio WA6.


I can hardly tell a difference in the sonic quality. But the Burson has more power.


Also, people here love the Matrix M-Stage. Ugly looking though :P

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sure, there's a solution.  buy a headphone amp with xlr inputs.

don't be afraid of them.  use those bad boys. 



they offer a more detailed, more transparent, and more powerful connection to your headphone amp.

take for instance one of the Cary CD players - the output using RCA connection is something like 3 volts.

With XLR, it's over 5 volts.

not to mention, when i switched from RCA to XLR connectors in my rig, i noticed an improvement in soundstage, detail, imaging and background silence.


you don't have to go "fully balanced" all the way to the headphone.  obviously, you have a headphone that has a 1/4" plug.  so it is single-ended.


but, simply using an amp that will receive a balanced signal will give you a slightly more pristine audio quality.

plus, you can keep using your system like it is...


there are several amps that meet this criteria.  probably quite a few in your price range.


take for instance the Audio-GD Roc.

it has XLR input, and puts out just under a watt into the AKG's load.  (that's single-ended.  it puts out 1.8 watts balanced)

that, trust me, will make those headphones dance.  they are extremely power hungry.


i personally find my WA6 a little wanting with the K702, and have found that the 5-watt Little Dot MKVI+ does an amazing job of driving those cans...


good luck with your purchase!

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Originally Posted by navii View Post

I have experience with the Burson & a Woo Audio WA6.


I actually ordered their new amp, the HA-160d. My brother owns the HA-160 (we just traded it) and it drives Akg hp's nicely, i just want to be a step further than him. smily_headphones1.gif

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TheWuss-Could you recommend a headphone amp with xlr inputs around about the $650 mark in Australia?

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