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Custom-looking universals

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Hi, I tried to find a thread like this but I couldn't... I'm torn between the SE535 and the UM3X (and maybe the UM2), are there any other high-end universals that sort of look like customs (clear and discrete) like these?


Thanks in advance!

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sm3 is another that i can think of

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Thanks RockaRolla! Could you also tell me where I could buy these from Brazil without having to sell a kidney?

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not too sure about brazil, but in where i live, we either buy straight from earsonics or buy through a online retailer called treoo

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Try in the sales forum
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Yeah, they are so hard to find, these SM3... Even on ebay, there's only one pair for sale (no shipping to Brazil, of course!). 

I'll try the suggestions above, thanks!

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Oh, I just read a little about the SM3, not interested anymore... So it's either the SE535 or the westones...

Let me clarify, I'm a musician and I'll use them as in-ear monitors live, so they have to have mids (I play the electric guitar in a rock band, so the sm3 would kill me with their recessed mids). AND they have to be discrete. I dont want customs because my band plays EXCESSIVELY loud, so I need all isolation I can muster.

HA! quite the predicament, huh? I used to use shure e1s, moved to re2s, then to re0s (loved them, but they failed twice in one year, I'm sending them to china again, plus they're not very discrete), now I'm using koss plugs (argh!!! heavily eq'd, I ask the monitor engineer to cut all bass and add all highs) while I buy new ones.

That's aboout it.


Thanks for all your help! Treoo doesnt ship to Brazil anyway lol... The FS forum is AMAZING, lots of stuff!

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Customs isolate more.
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the sm3 has the most beautiful mid range ever. How could you say it's recessed? And customs isolate more, and one more thing. When you venture into high end iems, your wallet will take a whammy. ;D
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Probably yes (I've read otherwise, and you gotta admit it makes sense... hard plastic vs. soft complys or silicon, opening mouth, moving head all the time...), but I cant afford decent customs right now (like UE or JH), so I'll buy good universals that I can sell in the future and maybe buy customs or convert them into customs using sleeves.


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Definitely! I started thinking about UM1 and now I'm considering SE535 and UM3X... And I've considered JH5 already LOL... You see, I really cant imagine hard plastic being better isolation than soft tips, maybe after sending them back for remolding 3 or 4 times but remember, I live in Brazil... Our customs suck. I cant risk buying JH5s, having them cross the border once and then send them back AGAIN!!! lol... the customs officer would love to use them with his/her confiscated iphone...

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You can always attach a tip onto your custom earphone to increase isolation... but I guess custom borders are an even bigger problem. tongue.gif

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LOL... customs vs. customs!! I ended up pulling the trigger on the SE535s, it turns out our monitor engineer knows someone who knows someone that sells them for US$ 527 here, 2-year warranty included!

All things considered it's a great price for Brazil..


Thanks everyone for your help!

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hope you enjoy them! anyway customs in a way isolate more due to it fitting exactly to the countours of your ears. Hence eliminating sound leakage in. I think.

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