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Normally these are $39.99, so it's a pretty good buy. I'm a fan of Meelec's earphones/IEMs. I haven't used the R1's yet, only the M6's, but this is a tempting deal. From what I've read, the R1s are good for bassheads, as they have much stronger bass than Meelec's other offerings, and have an overall richness and warmness to them. I'm worried about the treble, but I know that at $12.99 the sound I'm sure will be far better than expected, if my experience with the M6 is any sign.

Check the Daily Deals graphic for the coupon code.


I follow them on Facebook/Twitter so that's how I found out about the deal and thought I'd mention it here. I didn't see a separate forum for regular users to post deals... so if this isn't allowed or is in the wrong section, let me know. :)


Oh crap, I just noticed the "post all deals here" thread... sorry. This thread can be deleted/closed/etc.

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