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i saw the update on the opening post. im glad everything is figured out... i was wondering why V Moda sounds better...


Come to think of it, i may have small ear canals too... can never get a good seal on my MTPGs

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if someone is searching for tips..I'ev heard decored olives work well

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When i had mine i thought the Sony Hybrids were great. Never cared for foam tips, they seemed to kill the treble and soundstage, but others prefer them.

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Originally Posted by Jupiterknight View Post

 I purchased the Triple. Fi's through last years deal for 99$ or so. 


Since then I had to take three steps of changes to achieve a level where I pretty much can enjoy them when I need to.


1. Removing the stock cable, throwing it as far as away as possible, hoping never to see it again...  Then replacing it with a silver cable that fitwise gives me a more comfortable experience.


2. Using the Meelectronics "balanced double flangers" because they gave me the best fit compared to at least hundreds of different of tips.


3.  Amping it with a relative transparent amp like the Headsix that doesn't boost the the lower frequencies, just my choice.


4. Using the Triple's primarily listening to tracks/albums where I experience they perform at their best.


I can't say which of these single factors was the most responsible to improve my experience, but it did result in a better overall balance, meaning less recessed mids and so much more comfortable to wear.   


Regarding the UE700. I have a pair of these as well, very decent, certainly more V/U shaped in signature with sibilance added if not used with the right tips, and IMO nowhere near the triple's performance.

Does the "balanced double flangers" reduce/tame the bass of the TripleFi?

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My TF10's will be here tomorrow. I also have smallish ears and hope the TF10's won't have any fit problems, if they do I will just turn them into Customs!

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   Just got mine today. I have small ears too and these things are H-U-G-E!!! I don't think it has been emphasized enough. I thought my Vestax Jet's were monsters, but these are something else.

    Fit at first was an absolute nightmare, but after wrestling with about a million different tips I think I've managed to fit them reasonably with comply's over-the-ear. They are a COLOSSAL pain to get in place though.

   As for the sound, they're definitely good, but the jury's out on exactly HOW good. Not sure if the sound is worth the hassle.

   And I also have the 700s which are WAY easier to fit, but the sound is nowhere near as good!

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Everyone who's having fit problems needs to try the flip and re-wire trick. Reverse the cables, put the left monitor in the right ear, right in the left ear and you're good to go.

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I've tried these a few times and I think I couldn't even get the thing into my ear canal because it was so fat. The SF5pro fit fine and I loved its sound, so hopefully I can get the TF10 to fit with persistent attempts to shove it in.


I might try to remold mine but my ears are so small that I'm not sure they'll be able to fit 3+1 drivers in my ear.

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TF10s are awesome, don't know why people would claim for it to sound worse than the v-modas. Must be a preference or fit issue.

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only thing i dont like the new shipment is the box. the "environmental friendly" retail box is so cheap and poorly made, i can't believe that it is shipped like this. even trying to give them away as gifts makes me look like i am giving out something old and cheap

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The box looks so much more classy and minimalistic than the plebian retail packaging. I prefer it second out of the UE packaging, the first being the black 'retail' version.

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Originally Posted by Trysaeder View Post

The box looks so much more classy and minimalistic than the plebian retail packaging. I prefer it second out of the UE packaging, the first being the black 'retail' version.

lol plebians! Are we back to the days of the Renaissance?


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I love my UE Triple Fi 10's, got a good fit with the Comply Tx500s, if not for that I was about to get rid of them due to them wiggling out..

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In scanning this thread I'm reliving the same issues I had with my UE SF5Pros having narrow ear canals also. In the long run, I found that Comply tips had the best comfort but killed the highs. I also ended up doing the flip-flop mod (swap the left and right connections to the IEMs and wear the with the logo facing into the ear) to get a better fit. More recently, I've been sticking with the smallest stock silicone tip (having gone through double flanges, foamies, complys put on backwards, etc) but found that they didn't isolate outside noise the best - with the result that detail was a bit lost and bass attenuated a bit.


Last night, I was playing with a DIY hybrid - trying to get the best of both comply and silicone tip worlds (better isolarion and deeper bass extension from the comply but retaining the crisp highs from the silicone tips) but then my aging SF5Pros fell apart. :(


Basically though, if you de-core a pair of small size comply tip, cut-off about 1/4" of the back end of the decored foams, you can take the result and recore the foams onto the silicone tips. Initially, I tried this with the full foam (not cut) but found that this put too much pressure on my ear canals making them uncomfortable. I was impressed though with the depth of bass and better details that I was hearing with this setup.


I didn't get a chance to listen much to the setup with the trimmed foam but initially it seemed more comfortable and retained the bass and detail I noticed before. I could only give it a couple of minutes of listening so that of course is not enough time for a comfort test, Sadly, that was when the casing on one of the moniters fell apart at the point where the cable connects to it and unfortunatly the wires got torn also so I can't glue em together again.


Anyone know of a use for what's left? My brain says chuck-em but my rat-pack heart says there's some use for em.  (:


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I've used them inversely (L and R). And comply foams do enhance the fit.


Once it fit well in your ears, the sound worth every cent. 


It shines especially with instruments like violin and piano.


I'm not saying that it doesn't work for guitar or vocal. It's just I don't frequent those kinds of music.

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