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Glad to hear that Golden Monkey!


Yeah, seems like I'm running out of luck with USPS lately. I'm also waiting for another package sent with USPS, and it's been more than 3 weeks. Anyway, my EMS status has been updated, hopefully my cables arrive on time before holiday. Thanks Craig and Mike!

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Hopefully you'll get them soon!  You're going to love them though...these guys do great work!

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I just order the speaker tap with balanced 3 pin XLR's for my HE6 so I will find out.

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i put in my order on the 29th of November...

at first the email replies were coming in fast...

but lately, around 4-5 days back, no updates have been received from Craig...

i am hoping everything is well... 

i am a bit anxious about this order since this would be my first ever REALLY EXPENSIVE cable...

So Whiplash...please make it fast could you?


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My order placed on 27 Nov, hope I can get those this week .....

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Mine was placed on Nov, 15 and I am still waiting for my cable.  =(

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woah i tot my order was slow...

u guys are even earlier than me still havent gotten your cables...

this is worrying!


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Ugh...guys, this wasn't supposed to be a "where's my stuff?" thread, it was to answer a specific question...please read Mike's (Likwid) post on page one...they had a huge amount of orders after Thanksgiving (for you overseas folks, a BIG holiday shopping period) and the two-man operation is working as hard as they can to get orders out the door ASAP.  Also take note that your order may have already shipped, and with USPS's notoriously bad shipping times for international orders you could be looking at three weeks or so transit time.  Understand that custom work takes time, and if you think waiting a month is bad...well, it isn't.

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i sent my cables back for service in late oct and i'm still waiting......

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We sat down today, and planned out attack approach. The list is long, so bare with us!!


There really is 3 of us. One is my Dad would make all of the wooden dampers and ships. Mike and I are the 2 man band. Growing pains are difficult and I promise we are doing everything we can to correct this.


I have some major announcements that will shake things up a bit.


We are working on new products, orders and repairs. Trust me, we will handle this.



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