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Are my DT990's not being driven properly?

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I got my DT990 32 ohm version a few weeks ago, and when plugged into my Onkyo receiver, I thought it produced a lot of nice, deep bass. Today, however, I got a pair of AKG K240 MKII's and they completely blow the DT990's out of the water in terms of bass and mids.


Is this what others have noticed as well? I always read that the DT990's have a LOT of bass, but after listening to the K240, the DT990 feels very distant and quiet and not as fun. Is the receiver not up to the task, or are the AKG's that powerful? I'm getting more bass out of the AKG's when they are plugged into my iPhone than with the DT990's out of the receiver.


Just curious.

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Like I have said before, the 32ohm DT770/880/990s STILL need a dedicated amp to shine. I'm gonna go ahead an guess that the K240 is easier to drive which is why you're noticing the difference.


Zombie X mentioned in his thread that the 32ohm Beyers might even be harder to drive than the 250ohm.


From personal experience, I'm inclined to agree. I had to nearly max out my Volume on my Mixamp with my old DT880/32, and didn't have to go past 1 o clock with my K701. You all know how hard the K70x is to drive.


That's PERSONAL experience.

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The 32 ohm Beyer headphones based on my experience were way harder to drive compared to my k240. You may find this hard to believe, but on my Total Airhead and Ipod Touch 2G I had to max the volume on each.

My k240 sounds great even from my Ipod Touch, but I have to max the volume without an amp. Even without an amp it doesn't seem to be lacking anything, but I think my Ipod is doing a good job of driving it.

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That is why people overlook the 32ohm Beyers. They just don't really work unamped. If you need an amp for those, then it's obviously better to get the higher ohm versions for the lower noise floor.


I do think the 32ohm Beyers work quite well with a portable amp though.

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The receiver does drive the headphones to very high levels though, and I usually listen to the headphones with the knob at about halfway from max.
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