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Currently have a pair of DT770/250 that I use with no special amplification but would like to get some new open headphones to try. I like the sound of my Beyers but want something with a more detailed midrange and more bass which the DT770 lack. From reading some of the  DT990 threads the 600ohm versions have a much punchier bass and not so harsh in the treble.


As far as amplification goes I had my heart set on the Fiio E7/E9 but now I don't know if I should lean more towards a tube amp like the Schiit Valhalla or if I should just pony up the money for a Woo 3. I am still leaning on the E7 as a DAC if I go with tubes. There are just way too many choices out there and I have no clue where to concentrate my research.