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Best pair of Full sized for Iphone 4? Need strong bass

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Hi All,


First post on Head Fi, thanks for having me. I'm in the market right now for a pair of full sized headphones for daily street use with my iPhone 4. I currently use a pair of Sennheiser IE-6's and think they're pretty darn good.


What I need, is a pair that has relatively heavy bass as I listen to a lot of pop and hiphop+ R&B music. so strong lows are what i need.



I've tried out the Beats by Dre Solo, and thought they were absolutely pathetic compared to my IE6, then I tried the Solo HD, better , but still nowhere near what the IE 6 offered. I know its like comparing apples & oranges when trying to match up IEM vs over ears, but in general, those two sucked.


Then i moved on to try the Beats Studio, and i thought the sound was much much better than the previous two, but vocals were still not a 10/10... The bass was plentiful but the vocals i felt like lacked depth. I'd buy the beats studio, but based on what i've read, there's plenty of better choice out there for a similar price?


I also spoke with the shopkeeper who let me try out a pair of Senn HD600's for curiosities sake. I had to crank it on MAX volume on my iphone 4 to get any sort of decent volume... which meant the IP4 and Senn HD 600's wouldnt work w/o an amp. Or am i missing something here?


Would the HD595 have the same problem as HD 598's? I'm a Sennheiser fan, but there's just simply too many choices out there which i am having trouble narrowing down.


price isnt really an issue, as i'm really looking for  a rock solid pair of cans which can pair up well with the iphone 4..


If i dont get any good suggestions, i just might have to resort to buying a pair of beats studio!


Thanks guys,


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If price isn't an issue have you tried checking out the possiblity of getting a portable DAC/AMP? if thats too much trouble you still have other options though.



TMA-1 (kind of new, I've never tried them)





are just a couple that come to mind. 

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Just afraid that an amp would be too heavy and bulky to carry around in my pocket. The Shure SRH840 are indeed intriguing... Will hae to find a shop that lets me test them.



Thanks for your ideas

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If strong bass is a requirement, the easy pick will be the ATH-M50. Easy to drive, closed, and good bass.


I prefer the SRH840 overall, but they might not be what you're looking for if you're into over-abundant bass.

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I was a little puzzled when you said you liked Senns, because the headphones you tried I wouldn't describe has having "strong bass"


They do go very low and you can hear the bass, well defined, clear, and nice. But they arent strong like the SRH750s or the DT770s. If youre fine with the Senns you might consider expanding your preference in bass because a lot of headphones will give you the option of great bass but not necessarly "strong"


Personally I'm a fan of Beyers. And as for the SRH840 and SRH750s, they are absolutely amazing in sound for the price. The only thing that I dislike is their comfort so yes be sure to try them! 

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Oh man, please don't go with the Beats Studio. If you're ready to drop ~400 on a pair of cans, you're better off buying the HD600 from Sennhesier and pairing it with a good portable amp (like a FiiO E7). I'm not kidding you, the HD600 with the E7 will (for less money) make the Beats Studio look absolutely silly. I'm not exaggerating--when you start breaking down components between the two cans, and give the Senns the right power source, those two headphones aren't even in the same league...


Also, the studios are uncomfortable IMO. I would not want to wear those when I walk, even if they look slick.


/beatz rant. 


My recommendation would be the Sennheiser HD595s. I feel this way for several reasons: firstly, you already have experience with Sennheiser sound; if you like the IE6s, the 595s will be a nice entry into around-ear cans. Secondly, unlike the HD600s, which are 300 ohms, the HD595s are only 50 ohms. Your iPhone will be able to power them more adequately (read: without an amp), which will lead to less compression and better sound. You won't have the same problem you had at your local shop. Research the 595s around head-fi...people always talk about them here. One thing to note, though--the 595s bleed a lot of sound. People around you will hear your music (not sure if that's an issue for you). If it is, the HD448s are a good closed headphones from Sennheiser, although you might be looking for something a bit more expensive.


Hope this helps! Good luck!

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If you're looking for the 595 buy the 555 and do the foam mod. It's a quick 5 minute thing and it will make them sound pike the 595 but for half the price.
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Opening up headphones scares me... :-/ I'm not that experienced! 

Originally Posted by hudamanium View Post

If you're looking for the 595 buy the 555 and do the foam mod. It's a quick 5 minute thing and it will make them sound pike the 595 but for half the price.
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right, thanks for all your valuable opinions.


The Beats Studio, i know , aren't the best, and I've been extremely hesitant in getting them as well. Now that I've read some more rants about them, Im hesitant and will probably stick with Sennheiser cuz its the "old reliable"..



I actually love the look of the HD 598's, and have read that the sound is better than HD 595 with better lows so I might wait for those. Just need to be sure that the lil ol iphone 4 can drive the HD598!


Yeah the IE6's weren't made for bass, but its still thumping and before that i was just listening to entry level shure models like e2c and 115... which the IE6 blows away.. considering upgrading to a pair of IE8's to see what those are like... definitely will need to do more research on the IE 8s as well..


so i'll probably wait for the HD598's unless anyone has better suggestions?

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You can wait. But just fyi senns tends to drop in price a lot after their initial release. So if you really want a decent price for them you might want to wait longer.


As far as I can see, preliminary reviews of the headphones are pretty overwhelmingly positive. They do look pretty nice. Look better built than their predecessors and look pretty comfortable. 


I can't really comment on how they would drive with a portable, but I would assume it would be ok since the HD555 and 595 drive ok. These headphones are meant to be their newest gen. 


Again, if you're using these for porable use, they are open so there will be a lot of sound leakage both in and out. 

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