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Price Check - Monster Turbine Pro Copper

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Is $150 delivered a good price, or would I be better off holding out for a better deal?

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oh that's good...if it's genuine and under warranty

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That's a fantastic deal, especially if they're real. The Gold ones cost $330 here, and for some reason the Copper ones cost $430.

However, Monster has posted about fakes, so just be wary.

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Yeah be really careful. I was naive enough to buy from Fleabay for $132.50 and they might be fake, but once I receive them I will see. I personally have learned my lesson and would stay away from Fleabay in the future for expensive purchases.

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hah, i just came back to this thread after just now finding websites warning about fakes, then seeing the other thread on the board about ebay. i was actually thinking of bidding on those listed at $140 with the 8.95 shipping .. not anymore.


i'll just have to accept that the MTPC's are out of my price range.


now, what should i settle for?


denon c710, panasonic rp-hje900, or monster turbine amateurs ;-)


hoping for something accurate and musical with an emphasis on a well-rounded low-end bass.

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Hey, don't call them Turbine Amateurs! :P
I have the Turbines, and I've bought the Turbine Pros (for a one week testing period, to see if it was worth the dough) and ended up returning the Pros. I dunno, for some reason I like the Turbines better.

They break super easy, though, so watch out for that as well. I was on my third pair before I gave up and started saving for a set of Shure SE535s.

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well, that could be a dealbreaker. after the frustration of cracked phonak PFE wires, i am ready for something that can handle a bit of my abuse!


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the new turbines look quite rugged and have pretty big strain reliefs.

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I have both the Monster Turbines and HJE900s. They are fairly different sounding. The turbines are really hard to fit, and are pretty warm and laid back in the highs. The turbines definitely have more bass than the Panasonics but I prefer the Panasonics overall, they still have enough bass for me, and more detailed, more sparkly highs. They are also hard to fit, but I find I can get a good seal in half the time than the Monsters.


So my vote: Panasonic, unless you prefer a more laid back treble presentation.

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Whut? The ones with the control talk button thing?

I haven't even seen them in stores yet, but a quick Google search shows that the wire is still the same flimsy thin one, only with the added fragility of a control talk button.


The wire is the deal breaker on the Turbines. They sound phenomenal, but 3/4 times, my problem was with the wire.

The 4th time, it was this...



EDIT: After reading the post above, yes, the Turbines ARE hard to fit with the silicon tips, but once I made custom tips (out of de-cored Shure Olives and comply tip plastic tube thing), there were no problems with the fit at all. The silicon tips by themselves are rubbish, though. When you push them in too tight, they just block the sound and give you a headache. Pull them out a bit and they're always falling off. You can't win with those things..

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