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I'm looking for a set of cans that I can use at home wirelessly, plugged into a HK AVR 354 for gaming, movies and music while the girlfriend is studying.  I also travel a fair amount so I want to be able to plug them into an iPod (hiphop, rock, electronica, audio books) when I'm on the plane.  I'd also like to be able to replace my Shure E2c's at work (ipod/computer source) because the cord is busted and one of the buds flickers in and out.


From what I've found on the internet, there are two ways of doing this, buying wireless headphones and hacking a plug into them.  I'd rather not do this, I'm comfortable soldering and all that but I'd rather not mess around with expensive headphones.  The other option I've seen out there are bluetooth headphones that you can plug in, I believe that Sharp or Samsung make a pair.  But my receiver doesn't have bluetooth so that's kind of out.


I've also seen the Sleek Audio W1, which is pretty appealing but has to be paired with SA buds, which I'm not totally against, but I'd like full headphones this time around, I think.


tl;dr - Need wireless headphones that can be plugged in too.  Sources: HK AVR 354, iPod, Computer.  Media: games, movies, hiphop, rock, electronica, audio books


Thanks guys,