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Headphones [gaming/movies] for Asus Xonar DG soundcard

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I recently upgraded my on-board sound-card to an Asus Xonar DG.

So now I am looking for a pair of headphones mostly for gaming and movies.

After some research I've come up to those:




Sennheiser HD 448


What do you think?

Is there any other pair in that range of money?

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I'd take the Sony MDR-V6 over both of those.

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Higher SQ than those two, and quite comfortable.



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Thanks for replying.

It's the same model with this one, right?

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I'd be wary of a "new" pair for under $50... counterfeits of the MDR-V6 do exist, with similar packaging and all. 

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Goldring NS1000.  I've not heard better for under £140 (save when I got HD600s for under £100 from play).  They have absolutely fantastic synergy with Dolby Headphone on a Xonar (I used to have a D2) and should be perfect for pairing with the DG.  I have HA-RX700s (unmodded) and the NS1000s are in a different league to them.  Their soundstate is perfect for Dolby Headphone, so much so that the headphones can become transparent and you could almost forget you're wearing them.


They'll be fine with the DG in noise cancelling mode (which has a battery powered built in amp).  However, with noise cancelling off they are very picky about amps (horrible things happen to the bass, which overwhelms everything).  From what I've read from users that have both, the DG's amp isn't quite up to it.  They do surprisingly well with a FiiO e5 though (adding an amp to NS1000s biggest difference I have ever heard an amp make to headphones - which is bizzarre, given the price of the e5).  Active noise cancellation results in a slight hiss though, so if you want the sound quality without hiss (or using batteries) get an e5. 

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Unfortunately play.com does not ship them in my country (Greece)  so they are not an option. :(

Neither amazon ships the Sony MDR-V6 to Greece.

The only options that I have from amazon.co.uk are the JVC HA-RX900 or something from the Sennheiser models HD215, HD428, HD438, HD448 or HD515.

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Sorry. I assumed you were in the UK from the amazon.co.uk link you posted. Superficial sells the NS1000s on amazon for £60. Do they deliver to Greece?
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Unfortunately no.

They do not ship in Greece. :(

So my only option until now are the JVC HA-RX900, unless I manage to find an eshop selling  those.

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