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New Daft punk tron Album Is Insane

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Its amazing...best I have heard in years discuss!

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When was this released. I'm very interested in buying it. waiting to hear more feedback now. Thanks for the heads up.

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Umm it hasn't been. I pre ordered it...and found it through alternative methods like  a dbag cause I couldnt wait! But mind you I didnt buy it (The delux copy) and its sooooooo good..!!!!!

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Might wanna edit your post before the MODS see the ( pirating term) or they will just delete the post. Just lookin out for ya.

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Umm it hasn't been. I pre ordered it...and pirated it like  a dbag cause I couldnt wait! But mind you I didnt buy it (The delux copy) and its sooooooo good..!!!!!

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I cant wait to hear it! Disney made an excellent choice in picking daft punk to do the soundtrack.
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Best you've heard in years?  Really?


I'm listening to it now, and I guess it's pretty cool for a soundtrack.  But I've idolized Daft Punk for the last 12 years, and it's not what I expected.  The atmospheric basslines and dramatic orchestral passages are cool, but I keep waiting for the fat tech-house beats to drop.  Instead, the music stays decidedly downtempo and content to sit in the background. 


I keep having to remind myself that it's a soundtrack and I should have lowered my expectations.  I thought it was a huge leap of faith for Disney to give Daft Punk the soundtrack to a mainstream blockbuster, but after hearing this album I can see why--it fits the bill with "futuristic wallpaper", and doesn't take any risks.  It's not any better than what, for example, Craig Armstrong has done.  In fact, some of the songs seem vaguely derivative of some of his melodies.


IMO, if this is the best electronic album you've heard in years, you probably missed Shinichi Osawa's "The One", Vitalic's "Flashmob", Boys Noize's "Oi Oi Oi", Simian Mobile Disco's first album, Cosmic Gate's "Sign of the Times", Andy Duguid's "Believe", Deadmau5's best singles, or Morgan Page's "Believe". 


Basically, these guys are doing what Daft Punk would be doing if Daft Punk wasn't putting out mediocre rehashes of their best stuff (Human After All) or bizarre movie soundtracks (Electroma).


EDIT:  I'm on track 13, and it's finally starting to sound more like vintage Daft Punk.  But still nothing too compelling.

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Looks like "the game has changed" from the album is free on iTunes.

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I just got it. It is very much a soundtrack, most of the songs are built around the same theme with not much variation. Latter parts of the album from maybe track 12 onwards sound like old Daft Punk.


Daft Punk's best album to date is still Alive 2007.

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I love Daft punk but I believe they have gotten really lazy in terms of making new musics.  After seeing the movie, this album is fantastic as a movie soundtrack; not so much as a standalone daft punk release.  It seems like some of you guys were really hoping for the latter when in fact it should be judged just as a movie soundtrack.

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It's a very good album, but I haven't seen them progress as musicians as much as Royksopp and The Chemical Brothers have over the years.  I think I was hoping for more.


BTW - 1 more post Shizdan and you're at 1000.

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I love the soundtrack.  It's exactly what I expected to hear for a film score.   

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The music really immersed me  in the theaters (and admittedly made me a bit jealous of the speaker setup). I know I shouldn't expect the same giddy-schoolgirl feeling hearing it without the accompanying video, but I'll agree with dj nellie that I was waiting for some major pickup in a lot of the songs that never came.


Even so, as has been said, great work for a movie score (especially one with such a wide audience).

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Alive 2007 was off the hook. So funky it could of used a warning sticker. I'll be picking this new one up sometime too in the future.

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I'm generally not a fan of electronic music, and am not really familiar with Daft Punk's work, but I suppose this album works ok as a soundtrack. I like a few of the tracks, but agree it isn't anything extraordinary. Nonetheless, I did get it for Xmas.

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The soundtrack is amazing as a soundtrack. But if you look at who made the album (Daft Punk), it's nothing like their old recordings which I highly prefer

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