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M50's vs. others

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Alright so i figure for this upcoming holiday season i am going to be bringing in some new audiophile stuff. I've already picked out an amp


and i currently have some M50's which i very much like but since i now will have an amp that should be able to power any headphones just fine i thought i might throw the idea out for some new cans.

I primarily listen to electro, Nu-rave, Dubstep, DnB,etc but i do listen to a decent amount of indie and alternative as well.

I am assuming M50's are closed back even i never have technically looked into it, but regardless i like the feel they have around my head so just keep that in mind when you respond.

I want to know how the M50's stack up against these headphones and know if it's worth spending the cash for the upgrade


(if possible i might see if i could get the AD5000 but as of now that;s not in my price range)




I am completely open any other can suggestions too as long as there not to far over a 250ish$ budget 


Thank you

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The Denons and DT770 have more bass than the M50, so if you are not happy with the amount of bass in the M50 you might want to consider them. But they lose to the M50 in everything else. The DT880 is an (semi) open back and is not as good as closed backs for the type of music you listen to. If you really must have a new headphone you can try the HFI-780, but certainly you will struggle to find something that is a huge improvement from the M50 without spending a lot more.

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Ya im not dead set on getting new cans but i just wanted to know how they compared and if it's worth upgrading, how much more would you think i would have to spend to get closed phones that really are an upgrade all the way around the spectrum?

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Here are some additional recommendations for ya:


Sennheiser HD280-PRO, HD380-PRO, HD448, HD595


Shure SRH440, SRH840


Sony MDR-900HD, MDR-7509HD


Audio-Technica ATH-A700, A900, AD700


Ultrasone HFi 680, HFi 780, HFi 2400, PR0 550, PRO 650, PRO 750, PRO 2500


AKG K 271 MKII, K 240


Grado SR125i, SR225i



It's a large amount of options to consider but, half the fun is researching each one to find the one or ones that are right for you.

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opening headphones is a scary concept.

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I had the M50s. I sold them to my brother. I now have HD380s and like them better.

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