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Spare Beyerdynamic Manufaktur DT770 Parts Available Individually?

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Hi Everyone!


I just got my 600 ohm DT770s with the split entry mod and the Moon Audio Black Dragon cable.  My initial impressions are - WOW. 


Having owned the stock 250ohm model previously, I find that the 600 Ohm driver upgrade, the split entry Black Dragon cable, and the addition of the leather earpads to be well worth the money spent - they sound VERY different.  I will post more findings later as these burn in, but for now, I have another question concerning cosmetics:


I opted for the stock cosmetics, choosing the put the money where it counts on the leather earpads & custom cable.  I like the look of these o.k, but I'm curious if any of the "manufaktur" parts are available individually from Beyer?


Specifically, I'm interested in the housing, mounting, and end piece.  These aren't on the Beyer North America parts section of the website.  If I change the region, I see some additional parts, but not the ones I'm looking for.  These pieces seem easily user replaceable.


I wonder if I call Beyer if they would be willing to order these parts for me, or are they ONLY for Manufaktur orders?


Has anyone had experience with ordering parts from Beyer which aren't on the "menu"?  I would appreciate any information.


Happy Holidays to all & thanks for any responses.


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Some of these parts ARE available.  I've been emailed by a Beyerdynamic rep.  He provided me with a list of part numbers for the pieces I'm interested in, plus prices.  I'm changing the end pieces, yoke, and mounting.  (User mods to the housing void the warranty, I'm told). 


I'll post pics in the future after the parts arrive.

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i was actually wondering the same. i want some spare parts!!!

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My order has been placed!


Attached is a copy of part of my order form.  (I've been informed that changing the housing voids your warranty.)


If you can live with the stock charcoal grey housing, you can replace some other pieces on your own for "Manufaktur" look.


I've already got the leather earpads and headband.


I'm adding the black softouch end pieces and mounting.


I'll post pics later beyersmile.png










part# 580.473  

Black Soft-touch End Pieces Left

$1.75 each


part# 580.465

Black Soft-touch End Pieces Right

$1.75 each


part# 109.649





Black Soft-touch Mounting Left




Black Soft-touch Mounting Right







part# 109.649

End piece back plate








































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could you provide some information on how to contact them please?!?

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I just emailed them. 


If you go on thier website, I believe there's a link to print out the parts order form.  The order form contains a fax number & email address.


I will ask the specific individual I spoke to for permission to release his email address on here.

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The person to contact at Beyerdynamic for specific part numbers - especially the Manufaktur pieces - is:


Pete Carini <peter@beyerdynamic-usa.com>.


Pete was most helpful & is a strong Head-fi supporter.


Updating my DT770 with some custom Manufaktur parts cost me around $22 with shipping.

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Here's the DT770 pics! 


This was a fun, easy project that took less than 1 hour this morning; Only a phillips screwdriver is required to replace the mounting and end pieces.


I'm really happy with the way these look; only now I'm interested in replacing the housing with the black softouch!  This is something I may do in the future, but it would be a much more involved project.  (The split entry mod was done by Drew at Moon Audio on a stock pair of DT770.)




Stock Mounting.jpgStock Mounting 2.jpgSplit entry mod.jpg




After 1.jpgAfter2.jpgAfter3.jpgAfter4.jpgAfter5.jpg


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that is pretty sweet

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Awesome!! probably Beyers will be my next buy. 

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Thanks for the comments!  I found the stock end pieces looked almost green in color against the black leather headband.  These new parts look way better. 

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Sorry if I am resurecting this thread but has anyone taken apart the housing for the DT770? I am looking to do a couple of mods to my DT770 headphones but I can't find any guides for opening up the housing for the consumer editions. I have only guides for taking apart the DT770 Pro edition headphones. 

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Sorry for bumping the old thread. But did anyone try contact guys from beyerdynamic to get the spare parts recently? Seems that they don't reply my email at all. Or alternatively does anyone know where I can buy those spare parts?

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