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Is there such a thing as product cycles for headphones?

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I've been staring at an AKG K701 and telling myself "I want it, I want it.." but the more I go in-depth the more I feel like i'll be disappointed.. (plastic sounds, etc.) So since it's been a while like 4 years I believe.. will AKG release a new flagship soon? or do I need to consult to a lot of fortune cookies?

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Thanks for that.. maybe I shouldn't have said flagship.. cuz K1000's are waaaay out of my reach.. just along maybe the K801's?

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AKG was rumored to have a new headphone for CES 2010, but nothing turned up. They have been dropping hints that a new one is on the way.

I would not hold my breath for one big reason. There's been an escalating price war among manufacturers. What they produce is likely to be over $1,000 just to keep up with everyone else.

So if you're expecting a new $300-$400 headphone, you'll probably get one priced in T1/HD-800 territory.

Why are you bent on buying an AKG, anyway? They're notoriously difficult to drive (which has nothing to do with impedance, by the way) and they all need a desktop amp for good performance.

Why not look at Grado/Alessandro headphones? They're easily driven by an iPod. Another I like is the Sony MDR-V6.

If you want to go for a full-sized headphone with a desktop amp, be sure to consider classics like the HD-800 and DT880. Both have a better tonal balance than the K-701.
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You know what Uncle Erik, i really really really really x100,000,000 should listen to these before I buy anything.. I fancy the K701 (so-far) for its classy-modern look they have, but the fact that I never had a listen to a descent set-up, makes me just clueless about what to expect.

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Where do you live? There are a few shops that carry the K-701. Also, there are a couple of meets coming up. Check out the Meet Forum. If you csn get to one, you're guaranteed to hear a K-701 and plenty else. They're also a lot of fun and you'll end up with some new friends. smily_headphones1.gif
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I live in Vancouver, and yea definitely found some shops around here that I could venture, but the weather and school has been really putting me off of it

'll make sure I look into those meet-ups I could really use a friend who knows the world of audio (trying absorb all of head-fi's experiences and knowledge.. it's just not going to happen). Thank you!

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