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Has anybody heard of these? Superex st-m

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I have the pictures on my server

What kind are these? I picked them up today at a garage sale for a $1 They sound better than my Sennheisers. They seem to have a tone control nob on each muff and they have these holes that look like microphone covers on the bottom of each muff. Can anybody tell me what these are?

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Juionr HeadFier

Dear SirJinx1974,

Yes You are Describing The Superex ST-M Headphones To a tee My Father had a pair that I used for most of the 80's Pair together with A Heathkit Ar 15Receiver & loved those headphones that Where made in the Mid 60's And yes they have a Tone control adjustment on them They also have a coaxil Tweeter & woofer setup they are the best headphones I have heard in years better then any modern set of headphones that I have heard. I was sad when we had to throw them away because on side went out on me on the pair that my father owned but just a few days ago I spotted a replacment pair On Ebay & purchased them I pretty much listen to those headphones the most as well as my other pair of superex headphones that I own. Hope This Helps. P.s I will Post Photos Of My Superex Headphones
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Holy crap. Way back in high school and college I had the ones on the left- first green ones like the pair in your picture, later clear ones. They're two-way, right? How do they sound? I remember them sounding pretty damn good to me at the time, but that was a LONG time ago.
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Holy crap 5 year necro thread.
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Juionr Headfier

They Sound Excellent But you have to have them paired up with an old receiver from the 70's era that is at least pumping out 50wpc. I am using them right know as i post this listing to a cd with them on my pioneer sx 838 receiver from 1974 that I also picked up on ebay.

I will post a photo as soon as i get a chance to so that you can see what you need to get these headphones to sound excellent.
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 http://www.theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?p=132240#post132240This is a link to help keep the Superex headphones going.


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I had a pair in 1967 the greatest thing since sliced bread back when I was 13 listening to Hendrix

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