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Originally Posted by LarsHP View Post

The before mentioned firmware update is coming up:




However at the moment it is only text at the above page - no files to download.

Just copy the text from this page (head-direct) then open a new browser page, paste the text to new browser page command line or use this link: http://down.head-direct.com/HM-602-v0.04.zip

once press enter it should ask for the target folder to save the zip file.

I have updated my HM602, the firmware seems to handle SD cards better, however I found that the old firmware worked with some music formats such as APE and WMA better than this version, i got unit frozen everytime trying to play these formats with new firmware.



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Good old Fang. "New Firmware: HM-601 and 601"


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was an improvement for me, both in expanded compatibility with cards, and in reliability during loading files. I think they go hand in hand, since my impression is that files load faster onto the built-in memory if an external card is also present, which in turn is addressed more efficiently after the firmware upgrade.

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Anyone who gets 88,2kHz (24 bit)  files to play on the HM-602?

If not, then it is true that it is only able to play 96kHz files ... and of course standard 44,1kHz.

(I thought that it could play UP TO 96kHz.)

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How well can they drive the ER4S?

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Originally Posted by Stereoeditor View Post

I have been testing the HM-602 for a Stereophile review this weekend, and saw this comment. The USB receiver chip in the '602 is limited to sample rates of 48kHz and below. If you feed the USB port with data having a sample rate >48kHz, your computer will downsample the data to match the 602.


John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

was a little disappointed when the review wasn't in the new issue this month, but I still look forward to it - and to more tech insights like this one.

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ive i never plan on using the dac feature of the 602, would the 601 be the better choice to save some wampum?



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if i use 602 as dac. will it powered by usb ?

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