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Wanted: Need to recable all of my Grado MS-1

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$50 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

Need to recable all of my Grado MS-1

Willing to Offer: 150

My MS-1 have a jingle misconnection near the tip of the jack and want to replace the whole cable because it beyond twisted. Please let me know  who is selling I really want to fix up my MS-1

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You could try doing it yourself?


There's a set of instruction videos out there. Just google 'Grado Cable Replacement'.

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Yea I did some research over the weekend and just bought what I think are the correct things.

Mogami 12 feet 2893

Mesh sleeving 3/8 15 feet

Mesh sleeving 1/8  15 feet

1/2 heat shrink 4 feet

1/4 heat shrink 4 feet

2 Neutrik 3.5 plug

and a female Neutrik (in case I feel up to the task to do a one sided cable)


Hopefully I bought all the correct materials to do my cable , and since it is my first time I bought excessive mats just in case.

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