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bhome83:  The HF3 has a 3-button remote and a microphone.  The 3-button configuration integrates volume up/down and is designed for Apple product use only.  If you are using an iPhone, it must be 3GS or later to make use of the volume controls.  The center button on the remote is your end/send, play/pause, track forward/back button.  A list of compatible Apple products can be found on our website at http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/hf3.html


If you are using another manufacturer's device, the HF2 with single button control is a more universal solution.  If you have no need for the microphone and controls, the HF5 is an earphone only that uses the same drivers as the HF2 and HF3. 


Also - the MC3 (moving coil series) also incorporates a microphone and 3-button control for Apple products for $99.  Additional information can be found at http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/mc3.html .


The HF2 and HF5 currently have a factory authorized sale:  $149 for the HF2, $129 for the HF5. 


Hope this helps!

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what IEMs can you base your preffered sound sig off of? from there we can hopefully help you make a better choice



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I'm really tempted to get a  pair of these HF2's...or HF3's but  I really want to test run them first.  Does anyone know of a store that allows you one to try these out first before buying?  It's tough to commit on buying the HF2's when I'm not sure how 'deep' they reallygo in my ear canal.

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thanks guys for the help!  So if I were to go the etymotic route (still unsure how comfortable they would be if they dig in your ears so much) and wanted to save money and NOT go the mic route, which model would I get?  Also, does anyone know a retail store where you can actually try these earphones on?  I live in the Seattle, WA area and it would be nice to try them on before committing to buy them.   btw, im looking for in-ear monitors like my apple buds.

You would get the HF5

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alright the HF3's are on my xmas list.  Still a little worried they will violate me too much.  Guess I will get used to them after a while.  The sound should be just a little better than my apple buds I have right now :)

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Many of the Apple flagship locations have demo units and assorted eartips available if you wanted to try them out.  If you are planning on being in an airport anytime soon, many In-Motion Entertainment stores have HF demonstration kits also.  Feel free to email me at r_carlson@etymotic.com with your whereabouts and maybe I can direct you to a place to try out either the HF2 or HF3. 

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