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Sexiest headphones you own

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I decided to buy the sennheiser IE8 cause I have this picture and I imagined it to be a god boy and imagined that he'd listen to these headphones for some reason. And I was right these are pretty much the best most convenient IEM's to use.... they beat the shure 535's, they sound too big and muddled. I like sexy things really...

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What the hell are you talking about?

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Cue the men in those pretty white coats....

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Something tells me English isn't your first language. Or you're not human.

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wha wha what! 0_o?!?!?!?

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hmm.. must be drunk talk :)


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Weird in it's purest form.

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Originally Posted by Hal-9Tdk View Post.
I like sexy things really...

me too :)

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I like R10.

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Originally Posted by nikongod View Post

I like R10.


I gathered that from one of your infamous pics.

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Yea come to think of it, the main reason I bought my westone 3's is because I imagined that's what Zeus would listen too. I thought I was the only person who purchased high end headphones based on this thought but I'm glad to see I'm the only one
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I didn't know sound had a measurable size. "This sound's as big as an elephant."

IE8 isn't what I call sexy. TF10 is a sexy beast - so sexy that it must stick out as far as possible to show the world its sexiness. IE8 on the other hand has to hide inside your ear.

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SR80 all the way!!!!!!! gs1000.gif Now if all you haters goin' hate, that's cool....

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Originally Posted by ericp10 View Post




Things are getting extremely weird around here....

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