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Flying - IEM vs ANC Cans

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I fly a couple times per month and have been using IEMs powered from my iPhone. This set up has worked well and the only real downsides are inserting the IEMs in the tight confines of coach and they can get slightly uncomfortable toward the end of a flight. I have noticed that most frequent flyers use ANC cans of various brands. This has started me wondering about which is better for flying - IEM or ANC cans, based on comfort, sound isolation, and SQ. I figure the IEMs win on SQ, but not sure on the other two items. Anyone who has used both care to give an opinion?
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I fly a bunch too and I've found that if I slide the wires down my shirt the flight attendants don't see them and don't bother me about them. So I generally board while wearing them. However in terms of ease of use the IEM's are orders of magnitude easier to use than cans simply due to their size and ease to store when needed. I've tried ANC's and they really just leave me feeling...off. The isolation of good IEM's will win out on the noise canceling aspects of the ANC's. Comfort is a different game. My ears are apparently very small. Case in point the bare flange on a UE TF-10 will not physically fit into my ear, so I ended up having to shell out for customs. I had my SE530's which I loved with all my life converted into customs and I couldn't be happier. So that could be an option if you are up for it.

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