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For Sale: Gilmore Lite w/DPS

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For Sale:
Gilmore Lite w/DPS

Will Ship To: Continental US

Time to dismantle the travel rig.  I have been pleasantly surprised the capability of this little guy.  Has sounded great no matter the headphone I've put with it.


Silver, works great.  Includes shipping to US and  pay pal fees.  Worldwide shipping considered for additional cost.

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If you would consider splitting up the sale, please shoot me a pm. I'm interested in the DPS. Thanks!

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The G-Lite and DPS are inseparable buddies.  Sorry.

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Proven design, nice dynalo that delivers more that you would expect at this price point.  Can't miss improvement for many of you.

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I've enjoyed this little wonder with Koss Porta Pros, Koss KSC 75s, Audio Technica AD2000, Audio Technica W5000 and the venerable Sennheiser HD650.  Plenty of power and authority for each one.  I'm always amazed at how good it sounds.  


You could be enjoying the G-Lite with DPS in just a couple of days (Priority mail shipping).  You've been good this year, go ahead and treat yourself atsmile.gif

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Really want the Gilmore Lite...Already have the DPS.  I bet a lot of people who own Gilmore Lite's would want that DPS.  If you change your mind about splitting them up, let me know.

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You can always buy this matching pair and sell the other DPS ... as you said, alot of folks would like the DPS.

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Is it a V2 Gilmore?  Also do you have any pictures?  What condition is it in?

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v2.  Works without issue or problems.  Same condition as I received it.  I have it packed up to ship out, but I don't recall any significant blems.  I'm sure they're probably a couple minor scuffs or light scratches.  If I had purchased it new it would be in perfect condition as I take care of what I own, but I acquired it used.


If it's important to see pics I'll pull it out of the box and post em.  Let me know.  You can check my feedback thread to see my history.

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