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Hello, is the M6 good for today's standards? How does it compare to the brainwavz r1 or the tdk eb950?
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I recently picked these up as a workout pair to replace my Koss KSC-75s which recently went bad.  I got them based on positive

reviews here.  Thus far, I am quite pleased.  Not being an audophile in the least or having much basis for comparison to other IEMs,

my wants and observations are fairly basic.


The plus points:


1.  The sound is good, sufficiently loud out of my phone (Galaxy S3) and iPod Nano, despite the 98 mW/dB sensitivity.  There's

a decent space/separation between instruments/elements.  They're reasonably clear/detailed.  The bass is sufficient, perhaps

a bit boomy with certain tracks, although that could simply be the volume level too.


2.  They stay in my ears when lifting or running.


3.  Due to the thickness, stiffness, the cord doesn't tangle as much as a typical cord would.


That's about it...the only things I care about for such a pair.


The negatives:


1.  The cord does have a natural kink to it which keeps it curled up/twisted a little, but perhaps that works itself

out over time. 


2.  The moldable memory wire is helpful, but doesn't shape all that perfectly around the back of my ears and I can sometimes

feel the cord brushing the back of my ears.  This is a pretty minor distraction.


For around $17, I recommend trying this without hesitation.

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