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Been an avid reader of headfi for many, many years but this is my first post. I'm trying to find a pair of headphones that offers good isolation and decent potability. I've been using a pair on Sony eggos mdr-d66sl since I graduated highschool. I am now 29 years old, they've served me very well, in fact I still use them today on a daily basis. The problem is I know that it is only a matter of time before they will break on me. I love them dearly and it pains me to know that they are no longer made. I've tried quite a number on headphones over these years in an attempt to find a suitable replacement but I never found something that sounded quite like them. So far I've tried audio technica es7, audio technica a700, audio technica a900, etymotic er6i, etymotic er4p, sony d777 atlus, and beats by dr dre tour. Unfortunately none of them quite fit what I'm looking for...

The es7's were average, I didn't like the way the bass sounded, it didn't offer enough isolation, and I found them quite uncomfortable. They weren't as portable as I hoped. Some ppl like the fold flat design but I prefer the way eggos fold into a small ball because it can fit in any of my jacket pockets with ease.

The a700's and a900's were great but unfortunately they aren't remotely portable. I preferred the sound of the a900's over everthing I've used, but I couldn't justify the cost over the a700's which sounded similar to me, so I ended up keeping a pair of a700's for home use.

The er6i's were my first pair of in ear monitors I had ever used and I was quite amazed by the sound but it was a bit muddy when compared to the d66's that I'm use to using, I kept them and gave them to my GF which she enjoys very much.

I've tried er4p's on numerous occasions because they are the primary headphones of a close friend of mine. I find that they sound very similar to my eggos, the highs seem a bit more detailed but the bass is a little bit lacking by comparison. I would be very happy with er4p's if the price wasn't so high and if it didn't suffer from microphonics. I know this is a problem with all IEM's but because of the price tag, such a flaw bothers me quite a bit.

When I first heard about the d777 I wad very excited, then I used them..... Needless to say "disappointment" would be an understatement.

The last headphones I tested would have been the tour's. A customer of mine that I knew very well picked them up when they first came out and I tried them out, sound quality wise I found them to be similiar to er6i's but in terms of style and build quality, I felt they were fantastic.

At the end of the day I found nothing to replace my eggos. I hope that someone here can point me in the right direction. I'm going to be meeting up with an old friend of mine in a couple days who also had a pair of eggos, he envies me because his pair broke years ago. I figured maybe I can finally give him some good advice on a new set of headphones when we meet up. Thanks for any advice in advance.
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